Volunteer Jobs

All work being done will be for the Unity Game Engine. 2+ years of experience in the game industry in these specific areas will also be helpful, however, because work here is entirely volunteer based, we are willing to welcome those who are self taught or have completed schooling in any or all of these areas.  Be sure to choose the specific area and make clear on your initial contact that this is the area in which you want to volunteer with us for. If you currently have examples of your own original work, be sure to provide a link to where your work is showcased.

3D Models and Animation
  • Creation of game ready optimized characters and other environment models.

  • A clear understanding of animation principles and realistic body mechanics for human and non-human characters, and/or a variety of hybrid forms, as well as hard surface structures and/or objects is helpful.

  • Excellent work ethics and skills in organizational, verbal, and written communication.

  • First-person/Third Person weapon modeling and animation experience helpful.

  • Knowledge of Maya, Blender and other 3D modeling and animation programs a must.

  • The ability to receive and address constructive feedback.

  • Ability to update, improve or replace models as necessary in either FBX or OBJ format will be necessary.

General 3D Modeling
  • Proficient in Maya, 3DS Max and/or Blender to create modular objects and levels/scenes.

  • Create game-ready environment assets according to concept art when available or produce raw content from written description examples.

  • Working with both hard-surface and organic assets.

  • Good knowledge of UV making and baking process.

  • Experience in creating textures and materials in Substance Painter, Quixel Bridge and/or Photoshop.

  • Ability to work with shader creation.

  • Experience in working on stylized projects.

  • Traditional drawing and painting skills helpful for concept art and design ideas.

  • Familiarity with proper lighting and post processing volumes in said engines as well as optimization.

3D FX/CFX Artist
  • Design and create FX animation, procedural simulation, dynamic simulation, particle and fluid systems.

  • Knowledge in creation of various simulated effects for characters and props, etc. for  TV commercials, series, video game cinematics, trailers, etc.

  • Light complex/multiple creatures (hairy or furry creatures) and elements.

  • Set-up and wrangle heavy particle effects and enormous crowd shots.

  • Write/modify procedural surface shaders and volumetric shaders with proficiency.

  • Animate moderate objects with proficiency.

  • Experience with cloth, hair, feather, scale and related simulations for several types of artistic signatures and challenging projects.

  • Ability and willingness to revise and modify the simulations when it is deemed necessary by project director.

  • Artistic understanding of cloth, hair, and other character related effects.

  • Create feature film quality effects using Houdini or similar software.

  • Demo reel that demonstrates artistic eye and/or technical skills.

Concept Artists

There will be an assortment of concept art styles through several genres included in this project of a wide range of diverse themes and types.  Any form of digital and sketch art can be used based on your own creative media preference.

These designs/concepts must represent each character or item from several different 3D axes and angles for 3D modelers to be able to work from.  Suggested current genres are as follows:

  1. Cyberpunk, Steam Punk and Dieselpunk.

  2. Prehistoric and and Fantasy/Mythology.

  3. Modern and Post Modern.

  4. Various trees, flowers and plants.

  5. Actual and alien type primitive life forms.

  6. Architecture and weapons/tools of various age/themes.

  7. Hybrid forms of various human/non human creatures.

Strive for originality and distinctiveness in design as well as stylized, realistic and semi-realistic forms and character types  with compatible environment designs that carry some logic that fits characters, creatures, and structures within their given environments.

2D UI Graphics Artists
General Information

Experience with UI/UX design will be extremely helpful for this particular aspect of this project.  Be aware that content will also need to be able to be usable for those with visual and auditory impairments.

  • Creation and/or improvement of 2D art and elements for UI graphics such as;

  • 2D animations for UI content.

  • Icons, logos, HUD elements, illustrations, etc.

  • Create UI mocks and wire-frames to assist with rapid iteration of the existing functional UI.

  • A portfolio demonstrating an ability to create high quality in-game UI visuals, especially for simulation or management games on PC or consoles.

  • Knowledge how to better optimize and simplify UI content to be intuitive and easy to utilize by end users is a must.

  • All content submitted and exchanged will be done using Google Drive while this project is in development.

  • If selected to be a volunteer we will need a current real picture of you and your membership on this website to place in out team of Volunteers which will also serve you as a means by which to prove you are a volunteer member.
  • All content must be your original work, and if assets are made available to you to use for this project, it is not a grant for personal/private or commercial use, and must be treated as exclusive designs and property of Sybirathia LLC, unless where otherwise stated.
  • Any assets paid for by Sybirathia LLC from the Unity Asset store does not grant you as a volunteer or any staff, employees or authorized representatives a license to use said assets on your own projects and carry their own third party EULA that are retained in Sybirathia LLCs purchasing records.
  • All work is currently remote and volunteer based.

The current version of the Unity Game Engine being used is 2021.3.5f1.  If you have not done so be sure to download it through the Unity Engine Hub or Unity's Archive. If you have not yet done so be sure to review our Policies page which also contains our Terms of Service and End User License Agreement. After reviewing this content feel free to Contact Us or use our Chat Box to send your messages/questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Special Considerations

If you have already created content previous on your own time that you would like us to consider, and can convert it to the current 2021.3.5f1 version of the Unity Game Engine, provide a secure, clean link via Google Drive to a demo version small file that can be downloaded and reviewed. If it is considered able to be adapted into this project we will request it to have an exported file for integration. We will also ask you to join our membership and provide information so you can be listed as a volunteer who has provided such content. Make sure, again, the content is your original work and does not contain other third party assets that we will not be able to use due to EULA restrictions and limitations.