It goes without say that volunteering is a great way to get your foot in the door within the game industry.  However, some gigs don't have much clarity on expectations on one hand, or clarification of what opportunities for volunteers are offered.  The following clarifies this so you can have those questions answered. Be sure to read this carefully before continuing.


  1. Any individual that provides their skills and talents for free to a project, business and/or community. 

  2. The purpose is to gain experience and gain references that can be used as a reference for later potential paid employment.

Things to remember.


  1. If and when you choose to volunteer, don't ask "What will be the Fun" part of the game. 

  2. Fun is an arbitrary concept and what your idea of fun may be is not necessarily what others consider 'Fun.'

  3. Also the 'fun' part comes in after the main aspects of a project are completed.

  4. The better attitude would be how can you help a project be completed faster, more effectively, and

  5. are you going to be there from the beginning to see it go from concept to realization and know you had a had in its success?

Employers do like to see solid references from volunteer work!

  1. Having references from volunteer work does gain attention from potential employers. 

  2. It tells them that you are willing to do the work that is given to you,

  3. they have a reference source to learn about your work ethics pertaining to completing assignments,

  4. and the amount of time and dedication you have applied to the completion of those projects,

  5. and learn more how you work with the project director(s), owner(s) and fellow volunteers.

  6. Typically said employers want to see at least 1-2 years of such experience.

Your attitude and behavior is often considered over and above your overall experience.

  1. When volunteering you need to treat it the same way as a paid job. 

  2. This means you do not call the shots and need to complete the assignments given to you.

  3. Yes, volunteering is an at will basis, however, if you do not complete the job or assignments,

  4. do not keep in touch with the company or community project leaders,

  5. and/or leave the project before finishing an assignment you won't get a very good reference.

You do have a right to a few expectations from those you volunteer for but its limited.

  1. They should be easy to communicate with and know what project is supposed to be about. 

  2. Have clarification on what it is you will be on volunteering for them (IE, what the job is and its ease or difficulties). 

  3. Have clarification of potential time that it will take to create content or do the particular job in question.

  4. Need to be reasonably flexible in regards to personal health, and or family and medical issues/needs.

  5. Easy to work with and speak to in case of an issue arising. 

  6. Able and willing to cut 'dead weight' from a team if individuals are not doing their assignments or bossing others around.


NEVER mistake flexibility in a project's leadership with lacking action on their part!

  1. Good leadership are typically nice people and that should never be mistaken as a weakness. 

  2. They are nice because they know some things are difficult and they are taking on a lot of things so you don't have to. 

  3. Typically this is because they are handling several things at once such as legal, business and other ends of the project.

  4. Their jobs include getting the business name out in the public, making sure the legal aspects are in compliance and more.

  5. They are also constantly working on making sure the right team members stay motivated and, 

  6. Constantly having to keep an eye on their market, hiring and firing, adjusting, updating, etc.

  7. In other words, you only see the assignment area of the project you have volunteered for, not the total business itself, and

  8. They are also volunteering their time to see the project not just completed but it launch being effective and successful.

So you want to help create content as we are developing the game? Awesome! We welcome the help.

  1. We do have some very basic requirements and these are also in compliance with our policies.

  2. Be sure to take notes and consider all these details.

  3. Above all be creative.

  4. Don't even think about "the box inside or out."

  5. Help us make a game that you and others can enjoy for years to come.

Current openings for enthusiastic independent and team oriented Volunteer Unity Game Developers in all areas are now available for a project set in a 3D multiplayer and multi-environment world.

Be Aware: During development things can change quickly from week to week. This is normal when creating something new and in the process of producing a title that will be engaging and entertaining for end users and factors of competition. Examples of such changes include, but are not limited to...

  1. Some scene locations may be scrapped at any time for others or set aside for future projects.

  2. Characters for various scenes or environments may be scrapped, redesigned or modified as well to make a better fit for various types of environments and their purpose/functions therein.


  • Join as a member. Its a community for both developers and future players/end users.

  • Use the website: We created the chat and member section along with the forum so its more than just an info page.

  • Invite others: Even if you choose not to be a content creator you can also help simply by getting the word out. 

  • Check back regularly: This is to keep informed and up to date. While we send some notices out its an opt in thing.


  • You must be at least 18 + years of age for anything that may be considered of an adult nature, otherwise you must be no younger than 16 years of age to create content. In some countries, parent and/or guardian permission may be required.

  • Be able to speak and read English clearly,

  • Will be developing in the Unity Game Engine version 2019.4.37f1 LTS or later.

  • Use original content (not third party assets),

  • Willing to dedicate at least 6-12 hours out of the week per assignment,

  • Familiar with proper optimization of project features and content.

  • Not use provided content for personal use as exclusive property of Sybirathia, LLC.

  • Specify the specific area of project you wish to participate in.

  • Able to work remotely from your own computer.

  • All work will be remote,

  • This will be a 3D multiplayer HUB style game.

  • The first phase will have strong emphasis is on the social interactions and networking side of the design.

  • The second phase will be expansions to include Non-linear game play options (challenges).

  • Development will expand further to allow end users to create additional spaces/locations to interconnect with the primary game.


  • I’m easy going and welcome suggestions.

  • If your unable to complete work due to health or other reasons be certain to inform me of this factor as this will be taken into consideration.

  • If at any time you do not wish to continue volunteering be sure to send notice and return all files.

  • Failure to complete at least 20 hours of volunteer work will result in your inclusion as a volunteer named on the demo or finished project to be removed.

  • Any accepted volunteer that fails to maintain communication at least once a week to show progress or provide files will be considered to have changed their mind, and their position will be made available to someone else.

  • We will consider welcoming other small studios to participate in this development and will be open to arrange Game Jams.

  • We will be seeking a professional marketer when a demo is ready for potential funding campaigns and has experience writing proposals.


Be sure to take time to review our Polices, Terms and EULA at https://www.sybirathia.com/policies.


  • Dedicated volunteers will be able to use this project as a reference,

  • Have the option to showcase samples of work on our and their own website,

  • Present examples of concept art as potential additions to the game,

  • Have their names present in the credits section of the demo, and finished project.

  • May use this project as a point of reference to seek gainful employment upon completion of the project.

  • If accepted we would like you to join as a site member to take full advantage of the options provided for you.



As the CEO, I will personally provide positive references for volunteers who dedicate themselves to this project and see it through to its completion. Be aware also that I am also just as willing to let people go who are not following through with what I have opened the door for them to become a part of. I volunteer my time in several areas, including and not limited to making sure content on this website is accurate and up to date over ad above coordinating all other aspects of this project and company.


  • Experienced with PBR engines, specifically Unity.

  • Proficiency in C#, Python and Unity's API.

  • Experience with Mocap animations and integrations.

  • Experience with voice acting.

  • Creative writing experience for games.

  • A good sense of visual design and aesthetics.

  • Hard Surface modeling.

  • A good sense of humor and flexibility.

  • A strong sense of dedication to complete a project effectively and quickly.

  • Expert knowledge of human anatomy and proportions.

  • Expert knowledge of non-human anatomy and proportions.

  • Experience with structural, mechanical and other 3D modeling (IE, homes, building, vehicles, weapons).

  • Experience with UI/UX development and aesthetics.

  • Ability to translate verbal or written non visual descriptions into 3D and 2D renditions.

  • Proficient in visual particle effects, audio and lighting, as well as optimization.

  • Proficient in modern modeling/art packages such as (Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter,

  • Blender and Photoshop).

  • Expertise with version control software.

  • Expertise with in-Game purchasing features.

  • Familiarity with Server networking software and integration.

  • Team player with a strong work ethic, collaborative attitude, and clear communication skills.


We will consider examples of work done by individuals who are;

  • Self Published developers and/or hobbyists.

  • We ask you to Provide Links to any online Portfolio or Showcase of your work.

  • Pre-existing projects that can be adapted to this project and coding refactored accordingly will be considered or inclusion.

  • If your area is a concept artist, you will be considered for producing such work for others to be guided by in areas such as modeling new content for this project.



  • Rigging and animation of human and non-human characters, objects, and machinery.

  • Able to work with minimal instructions and proficient in note taking.

  • Flexibility and enthusiasm with a strong sense of personal value in work ethic and reputation.

  • Ability and willingness to provide suggestions, adapt to sudden changes and meet or beat deadlines for an assignment.

You can post replies in the forum or comments section or send a online/virtual resume direct to the site Administrator.

Have any other questions? Contact Us.