So you want to help create content as we are developing the game? Awesome! We welcome the help. We do have some very basic requirements and these are also in compliance with our policies. Be sure to take notes and consider all these details. Above all be creative. Don't even think about "the box inside or out." Help us make a game that you and others will enjoy for years to come.


  • Join as a member. Its a community for both developers and future players/end users.

  • Use the website: We created the chat and member section along with the forum so its more than just an info page.

  • Invite others: Even if you choose not to be a content creator you can also help simply by getting the word out. 

  • Check back regularly: This is to keep informed and up to date. While we send some notices out its an opt in thing.


  • Your name as a content creator will be listed both on our website and in the credits (acknowledgements) section of the UI as our way to give you recognition.

  • You can also create a link as a member to your own website showcasing your work done for Sybirathia LLC and can use our shared gallery as a member showcasing such as models, concept art and so on.

  • You can use our site and game as a point of reference. 

  • If you are the owner of a game developer and production studio we will create a list specifically with links on this website to your studio's website with its logo that you submit.

  • You only need to be consistent and dedicated as we are to see this game through to its finalized public release.


  • All work is volunteer based. For legal reasons you must be at least 18 years of age or older.

  • All environments (scenes) will be created using the 2019.4.0 June 9th 2020 release of the Unity Game Engine.

  • Do not update the engine during development. It can corrupt code and we cannot plug the content into the game.

  • All models must be original and cannot be based off of other work (even as fan art).

  • All content created for Sybirathia is volunteered as property of Sybirathia LLC.

  • All models must be created and exported as FBX format.

  • All humanoid animations must be set as humanoid as will all rigged humanoid models.

  • Non-humanoid models and animations can be left as default.

  • Because of the EULA requirements, we cannot accept anything created using I-Clone or Daz3d.

  • You can use at present base models from MakeHuman.org.

  • It is preferable you use programs such as Blender.org instead.

  • If you would like to rig and animate our base human models, you can but be aware they were made in Blender 2.79b and will be shared in FBX format and are the exclusive property of Sybirathia LLC.

  • Audio files can be either MP3 or MP4 or WAV format but must also be original content and not from third parties.

  • All coding is done in C#. For security reasons of our future gamers, we ask you do not share vital code publicly such as in regards to account registrations, etc.

  • You may create a complete environment but must make certain it is in the same version of Unity.

  • Do not create UI content as we are already working on the UI itself.

  • If you would like to help improve the UI such as its layout, text or 2D features let us know.

  • All work is done and shared remotely meaning you work from home on your own computer.

  • We ask you spend at least 12 hours a week (unless you are amazingly fast) on content creation.


Have any other questions or would like to be considered for volunteering in project development? Contact Us.