• We make the game: This means we as a company create the game as the foundation for the community to build upon, expand upon and stand upon as their support.

  • You make the community: This means you are a vital part of the community and that every individual is important to the support, and expansion of the company and the game and without whom there is no company and no game.



It is ultimately a recognition of the key and reciprocal vitality and necessity for members to support the business and the game as the business through the game supports the community and provides a place for them to protect and preserve as their home. 



To build the strongest, most diverse and supportive global community of game developers and end users that sparks wider reaching solutions, innovations and opportunities for a happier, healthier and more harmonious world, both real and virtual.


To seek out and bring together creative talents coupled with the technologies of today and tomorrow and maintain a venue through which they can share and apply their mutual unique experiences and knowledge in the ever growing indie game industries.




We value clarity of communication, ethical treatment of our community members, and celebrate both individuality and diversity as it makes us stronger, wiser and more effective.


We seek to build, maintain and expand this community of indie game developers and end user players to empower one another when we share information and opinions, pool resources and experiences, and advocate volunteerism, contribution recognition and exploration of ideas.


We value the traditions and history of this company, and this community because they are interconnected, dynamically reciprocal and lend to the shaping of this overall collective culture both in the virtual world and the real world. 



Game development is a very dynamic and ever changing industry in and of itself and expands in many diverse direction, many of which are yet to be seen.


We value every member that demonstrates high personal standards of basic and humane ethics and personal compassion, consideration  and regards for others and who are open to mutually support, guide and teach one another many skills to achieve their personal and shared goals.


Yes, as a career, opportunities are in part dependent on the skills of talents of individuals in several ways. However a true profession also knows this means nothing without enthusiasm, dedication and a desire to bring joy to others.

Creative Expression

We value open creativity and regard all forms of art as the purest expression of human minds, memories, experience, condition, emotions, desires and will which in turn is a mirror of the culture and community every artist of any form reflects back and shines far into the future.


Through such diverse forms of art as part of game development in all mediums and being open to those forms of expression of those who are willing to volunteer their time, talents and interests only further serves to nurture an ever developing, adapting and therefore evolving dynamic ecosystem that can be an inspiration for many generations yet to come and we have something to leave behind for them.

Play for Fun

We value a playful and fun culture that is encourages and filled with authentic laughs, lighthearted humor in an industry that has in many ways lost itself in identity politics  and personality cults while ignoring the many and elevating the anything but pleasant few.


Our view is the whole purpose of a virtual world is freedom to  escape for a time from the frustrations, conflicts and coldness that exists in the real world and loose yourself for a time and on purpose in a land of fantasy and whatever you could imagine or potentially create. That's what games were, that;s what they should return to being and these positive aspects is exactly what we also value and strive for.


One should be open minded to a point but also use a filter and not end up foolishly minded. We do promote a culture of open discussions, questions and answers, plans and changes or adaptations to plans and also very well aware we cannot make everyone everywhere happy for many reasons and some people simply do not want to be happy and desire nothing more than also cause others to feel miserable as well. That is something we certainly will not tolerate, and when ready we will have volunteer moderators to be the supervisors of the in game world with reasonable enough ability to remove the unnecessary or excessively hostile influences from the equation so everyone else can go on enjoying the game and what we create together.  


In the interest of honesty as a necessity we maintain complete transparency of our plans, actions and intentions. We do not hide anything because we do not need to. We do not need to deceive anyone because its unnecessary and does not benefit this company, our community and certainly not the industry in whole or in part. Nor do we engage in making promises we do not intend to keep or are clearly in direct conflict and contrary to our policies, terms, conditions and EULA. By this we hold others accountable as we hold ourselves accountable, just as they would naturally hold us accountable for willfully engaging in deceitful, misleading and conflicting documentation and/or statements. It is our hope we can likewise instill this sense of commitment to honesty within the community as a whole.


This is not "new" and its been part of federal law for many decades regardless who or how many ignore it. Discrimination or the tolerance of discrimination of any kind on the basis of color, race, gender, sexual orientation, family and/or martial status, age, disability, creed, religious or political association, or national origin, is not tolerated. It is not just a factor it is the shared laws of the land, or that such can damage the reputation of this company and its community, it needlessly does harm to the goal of ethical professionalism  we also strive for. In the factor of age, not accepting volunteers under 18 years of age or younger is not age discrimination. Its in fact being in compliance with local, state and national laws of North America (the USA), in which persons under 18 cannot on their own enter into a legally binding agreement by word or contract, other than abiding by specific policies, terms and EULA of a company, but otherwise restricted also from being involved with some content deemed inappropriate for persons under 18 years of age or younger. Otherwise the only thing we do care about is you as a real person naturally deserving humane and compassionate treatment,and likewise need to respect the same code of ethics in regards to others in this company and within this community. As such its in no way complicated and easy to comprehend.