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  • We make the game: This means as a company we create the game as the foundation for the community of gamers in mind.

  • You make the community: This means you are a vital part of the the company culture through your participation and support of its products and services. 

~ Combined, this means every individual is important and contributes from the perspectives of both the business and the consumer which determines the development, success and sustainability of both. ~



  • Any business can be created and have high quality products and services. Obviously the higher the quality as well as the availability of such products and services are important to consumers.

  • However, a company must maintain its relationships with the consumers who said products and services are created for in order to secure and maintain their support which is what 'retention' is all about. 

  • On the same hand, if the goal is to attract new consumers so as to expand participation and therefore keep the company relevant and sustained as well as competitive, a company must absolutely consider their established, original consumers first.

  • This means if any services are to end, some sort of fair and reasonable incentive must be offered or given to the established customer base as a form of compensation (at no extra costs) because the established consumer is the foundation that supports the company. 

  • This keeps things reciprocal and therefore mutually beneficial. In this way the company supports the customer and by being shown such consideration the customer supports the company.

Consequences of failure to maintain internal integrity:

  • Potential consumers will consider how well or poorly a company responds to changes or needs for changes and what incentives are offered to established customers when such necessary changes are required for a company to survive and continue to stay in business.

  • Offering such incentives at no extra costs, or options for the consumer to elect to accept or reject such incentives is also vital in attracting new customers because its the established ones that have drawn attention to the business (for better or worse) through the best form of marketing and advertising there will ever be...word of mouth.

  • A long going trend for many businesses and corporations today are attitudes that even bad publicity is still publicity and free advertising. 

  • That is a terrible way to conduct business, even if its considered by such investors in such companies as disposable.

  • Be that as it may it also has the adverse consequence of attracting disloyal consumers that are only there with short timer syndrome because they are not all that concerned with the quality or integrity, much less any sense of appreciation for the business, its products or services once the "shock" value has faded.

  • In short, these types of consumers are only there as attention grabbers themselves and don't care much about "keeping" anything long lasting, and ready to move on to the latest "buzz".

  • This will then as a result only draws in disposable fads, consumers and an over population of money grab schemes and "land grabbing" investments. Its not sustainable or stable.



To build the strongest, most diverse and supportive global community of game developers and gamers that sparks wider reaching solutions, innovations and opportunities for a  sustainable, happier, healthier and  harmonious world, both real and virtual.


  1. To seek out and bring together creative talents and loyal consumers coupled with the latest sustainable technologies of today and tomorrow. 

  2. To build, maintain and perpetuate greater opportunities for the local and global communities, fueling wider and more diverse participation through which all can share and apply their unique experiences and knowledge in a ever growing and evolving indie game industry.


Sense of true Community


We value clarity of communication, ethical treatment of our community members, and celebrate both individuality and diversity as it makes us stronger, wiser and more effective.


We seek to build, maintain and expand this community of indie game developers and gamers to empower one through sharing ideas, information and talents in order to pool resources and experience together.


In this we advocate and promote the value and importance of volunteerism by giving recognition for contributions and an interconnected, dynamically reciprocal culture. 

Creative Expression

We regard the arts and creativity as the purest expression of the soul, and the soul is the purest expression of what it means to be truly human.

Through the arts and general creativity the human mind and heart finds its spoken and unspoken voice through which a truly deepened sense of connectivity is forged by seeing that beneath the superficial we are already one.

Sense of true Professionalism


Game development is as challenging as it can be rewarding with its very dynamic and ever changing nature. Yet it is very difficult through traditional means to break into.


As an industry, some aspects of it have developed a form of tunnel vision that discourages growth. The goal is not to try and reinvent or recycle the wheel. Its to give it new tread.

We do this by maintaining a strong sense of value for the needs of developers and the desires of the consumers by being a bridge for both and opening lines of communication through which we stay truly relevant and avoid stagnation.

Play for Fun

We recognize what many do not. People play when they feel they are free and when they are free to have fun they play more. Its not just an escape, its an expression of true freedom.


Our view is the whole purpose of a virtual world  and game isn't so much about "escape from reality." Its a desire to express and enjoy oneself alone or with others that real life tends to impede or deny. Its not corruption. Its truth.

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