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Yeah, this is me being an odd ball. 😂

I am the Founder, Owner and CEO of Sybirathia, LLC™.

I bring a lot of experience to this project that many do not often consider or think about as relevant to such as the game and indie game development industry.

My work history, business knowledge and ownership of past companies are all going into this.

Why did I change career and ownership goals from past industries for this one?

There are several reasons for it and one of the major ones was physical health that the demands for the types of businesses I owned and operated.






Closed with zero debt and zero liabilities.

Holiday Window Painting and Graphic Window Arts:

Sole Proprietorship



Closed with zero debts and zero liabilities.

Wholesale to Retail:

Sole Proprietorship



Closed with zero debts and zero liabilities.

Art Shows and Sales:

program created for a non-profit






ACT III Theatres: At a local movie theaters (all positions but management) and followed by Regal Cinemas when the locations were bought by them .

The Elsinore Theatre: Janitorial with my Step Dad and for former owners of the location.

The Capital Theater: Janitorial with my Step Dad and for former owners of the location.

Funtastic Traveling Shows: Ride Assembly, Maintenance, Operations and Dismantle.

L. B. Day Amphitheatre: Commissioned Concert Security Guard. The job was basically protecting concert goers, the stars performing those concerts and the property itself.

Fair Lift-Oregon State Fair: The Fair Lift is literally a Chair Lift like you would see at Snow Ski Resorts. Its for the most part a really easy job but you do have to watch people for using it the way it was never intended. It reaches from one end of the Oregon State Fairgrounds to the other end and at an angle so you can get a good view of the main attractions. It was a lot of fun.

Volunteer Actor for Seasonal Haunted Houses: Someone out there right now has pictures standing next to me in old Polaroid photos in the various costumes and prosthetics I had glued to me. Yeah, I loved it.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! In Newport Oregon: Basically I was commissioned to do some art and some touch up work on some displays that had worn out. I also got a free tour of that and its "Wax Works, A Living Museum" and got to get a behind the scenes look on how things were processed, produced and put on display.

Commissioned Security for Adult Entertainment Venues: More or less an independent commissioned bouncer for different locations and business owners. I tend to avoid saying "under the table work" considering the subject.

There were more that go all the way back to Kindergarten but this will do.




Troutman's Emporium: Sales and Customer Service. Hired for the Christmas Seasons for several years in a row.

Mervyn's of California: Sales and Customer Service year round.

US Rugs: Temporary hires for show room setup help and spot hiring manager on commission for crew members and general manual labor. I was friends with the main mangers.

Spencer's: Sales and Loss Prevention.

Macy's in Salem Oregon: Shipping and Receiving. This was Seasonal work during the holidays, especially the Christmas season.

I also worked for various ma and pa type retail stores and apparel that simply no longer exist and haven't since the 1990s. I also worked at various vintage book shops and did some periodic volunteer work for the Salem Public Library which was actually more like my own personal hang out since I was a a young boy.




From Mac Donald's to the Top of the Hoff Skyline Restaurant and Lounge in Boise Idaho, to Subway Sandwiches and various Steak Houses like what is now Rudy's in Salem but was originally a Steak and Seafood place, to the Honey Baked Ham Company, from Taco Bell to Canneries and Food Processioning and Packaging, I have done it all to the point of being ridiculously overqualified.




Harty and Co. Construction: General Labor and building houses. It was a family owned business my step dad created and managed to get going for a few years (God rest his sole).

Harvey Cain Construction Inc. General Labor driving forklifts, lifting walls, cleaning up garbage, helping masons and carpenters as assigned. .




The Outlet, Mattresses and Furniture: Warehouse Manager for Shipping and Receiving.

Blue Diamond Growers: Cleaning and Maintenance.

RSG Forest Products Inc: General Labor.




Fry's Electronics: Computers, Robotics and Electronics Sales. This can fall under Retail, Warehouse, as well as some commission based work as a Sales Agent and Customer Service professional.

Volunteer Computer Repair: All my initial experience came from volunteering in computer repair shops, learning how to build them, fix them and recycle them.

Apple Computers Call Center: Customer support and remote troubleshooting as a first tier agent. .




This will be more generalized also:

  1. Automotive Sales and Repair,

  2. Farm Laborer.

  3. Welding and Fabrication.

  4. Carving and Sculpting.

  5. FX, Makeup and Costume Artist.

  6. Book and other related Illistrator.

  7. Cartoonist for a local small Newspaper Company.

  8. Printing, Arts and Crafts businesses.

  9. Volunteer work for business organizartions such as the BBB.

  10. Working on and around Ocean and Fresh Water Fishing vessels.

  11. Ministerial and Wedding Services.

  12. Landscaping and Yard Maintenance.

  13. Party and Events Planner.

  14. Budgeting and Expense Planning Management.

  15. Product Planning and Implimentation.

  16. Prototype Design and Sample Production.

  17. Recycling and Waste Management.

Note: I use to also go through staffing agencies and a lot of those jobs only lasted between two weeks to a month. Because I was willing and ready to try something new and not afraid to do physically, mentally and emotional demanding jobs, not afraid to get my hands dirty or dress up in a suit and tie to schmooze, and ready to learn something new about diverse cultures from their sources, I ended up becoming someone that was in high demand and took on a lot of diverse roles in a lot of diverse industries. Plus I am a naturally creative person who is always ope to learning something new and trying something I have never done before.

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