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My common Online Persona/Name is TalismanSkulls. Places I had a presence on include, but were not limited to, Second Life, Kaneva, OSgrid, Onverse and so forth. I have seen why many of these have lost popularity and have gone offline and been planning something like this for years now.

History of the name:

I came up with the name Syberathia by respelling the word Cyber having learned through careful research it’s from Old Greek kubos/kuber/kyber which through Latin became Cubus and thus cube, all with the basic meaning of container/holder/box, etc. I then considered a suffix and found the old word -atha from such as Gaelic, Scandinavian and related languages became -athia through Latin which meant space/area/location, etc.

So, I respelled Cyber as Sybir based on the phonetic sound and added the suffix as a new word form back in 2014 and was going to be a name of one of the open locations I was going to create in these other virtual locations but was growing disinterested with the lack of more gaming side of things. I wanted to see something that had both the social 3D chat type world concept combined with more traditional gaming options.

In 2015 I began researching all I could and made sure to register the name as a sole proprietorship first, designed the logo based on geometry symbolism and went to work. I did not find much support or interest at that time in this project, I focused on teaching myself more in the business and developer side of things simultaneously.

Reason for the spelling change:

It really came down to a URL/domain name. Originally it was going to be spelled cyberathia. However, there was already a .com that had been taken just two days before I could lease it. I kept an eye on it but despite not being used anywhere else the person(s) who took it never did anything with it and put it up for a ridiculous amount. When I tried the alternative spelling, and it was clear so I grabbed it and kept it in my ownership ever since.

Recent update:

It figures I get to this point and stage of development I got a notice the url/domain name as cyberathia was finally let loose after working on all the factors of securing the url for so long, building the name, getting the legalities handled, get this website going and everything else was done. So I grabbed it as a backup url/domain name as well as a future redirect to this website. Such is life.

About the Logo:

Because of the word cyber also being from the same source as the word cube, a lot of software and technology companies, including game developer resources, use the cube design in one form or another. I did not want the logo to be too close to a lot of these company logos and trademarks for obvious copyright and intellectual property issues. Yet, I needed a logo that would fit well with the context and meaning of the word essentially being cyberspace. As such, in 2015 I begain working on the design:

Using my nerdy and artsy aspect of my brain I adjusted the design concept by using the hexagon pattern of a cube which in Platonic Geometry represents the Earth/World/Cosmos.Universe. I then added the hexagonal lines as 3 axis lines that represent the 3 spatial dimensional planes, and three circles representing the rotations of each of those on their central axis points and made the design as a flat logo image. For these rings I went with the pattern of the Borromean Rings because of the principle that if you remove one of the rings, the other two also become disconnected. I added the triangle to represent triangulation as part of the process of determining spatial location. All of this is part of dimensional geometry and expression of reality from a mathematical perspective.

epts are in all rather complicated and they have also had a wide range of other more mystical, spiritual and religious associations, I liked the factor of it being both simple in design and complicated as to all the mathematical information and concepts it retains. I have been using this self created design ever since. So the specific design has been being used by me from June 2015 to the present as the trademark.

Planned Gaim Coins called Sybircoins

I came up with a basic design for spendable game points or 'game currency' combining the letters S and C to form this symbol for this currency. I wanted it to again be distinct enough from other known curreency symbols both actual and fictional and yet simple enough to reprduce and maintain its distinction. I also wanted it to look modern enough so it had almost a digitial cureency type represenetation even though I do not plan as of yet to turn it into an actual disgital/crypto-currency.

Personal Trademarks

As some of you remember from the other sites, and my usage of the name TalismanSkulls spelled as a single name by lack of space as an intentional quark of my online persona/avatar, I have always had a Top Hat with horns and an added skull somewhere on that hat. Yet many have no idea what is behind the symbolism, and usually get most of it wrong. So here I get to enlighten you because the "mystery" of it has always amused me as others formed their various assumptions.

It all has to do with the season/time of the year I was born. In the common zodiacs I am a Capricorn and for the Chinese calendar I was born under the sign of the Ox. This is the reason for the horns. So, I fused the two concepts of this Alpine Ibex with that of the Ox in the Horn design and shrunk them down to fit on a hat.

It’s the Winter season which is called both the Season of Death and Renewal, so that is the reason for the Skull. Because I was born specifically in January, the New Year Season, this is the reason for the Top Hat and the sometimes fancy outfit.

Because it was in the evening hours I was born, I chose the color black to be the primary preference as it also represents abscence of color and also potential being from the void of non-being, and the burgundy to represent the wine that is often consumed during these festivities.

As to the wings my character would have from time to time, though it was a bit of a frustration I seldom found any more suitable then black or white "angel wings," the symbolic/totemic bird was suppose to be an owl. Every so often the hat might have a Snowflake on the side.

I use to actually have a hat like this and wore a Tibetan Rosery that was given to me as a gift many, many years ago. I won't go into how lost both and just suffice ot to say I was very angry and upset how and when that occurred.

So, no, it has no association with the "Devil" or anything remotely like that.

More often some would remeber me using or having this symbol on things I personally created and had no idea what that was about or were afraid to ask. Well, its another simple design and not that complicated. All it is truly is the combined form of the letters T and S in what most would call Runic. The Dot just represents its a single name/word for TalismanSkulls, my alternative Persona/Name. Again, that's all there is to it.

Where the name TalismanSkulls came from

Note that I use to have a Top Hat like described and a Tibetan Rosary which had skull shaped beads. The Hat was made for me by friends and the Rosary was a gift from a Tibetan Buddhist I befriended when they had visited Salem Oregon a very long time ago even though I was myself not a Buddhist but showed I had a good grasp on the culture and philosophies even way back then. Totally irreplaceable. In any case, there is a funny story behind the name.

During New Year’s Night I was out on the town with some friends back in 2001 and wearing my whole getup. While I and a friend who was more of a Punk Rocker that went by the name Jackal, were walking on the sidewalk and passing a bar, a totally drunk guy had stumbled out, already three sheets to the wind and bumped right into me.

Being as tall as I am he faceplanted into my chest and apologizing and all foggy the first thing his eyes focused on was the Rosary. He said, “Oh, cool, Talisman Skulls, sorry I didn’t mean nothing...” My friend Jackal had been trying to come up with a street name for me which I wasn’t all that interested in but blurted out “That’s it!” That scared the other guy, but I clarified everything was fine, and I eventually helped the guy make it to a cab that was close by.

In any case some Overhead the drunk guy and thought he was addressing me as Talisman Skulls and thought Jackal and I were both in a band or something (he was at the time, but I wasn’t), and Jackal kept calling me Tal- as an abbreviation. It stuck like glue, and I just went with it. I have used it since then as a Street Name and whatnot. It became better known that my actual name and for a while I considered making it a legal change but eventually changed my mind because I just didn't want to deal with all the hassles and costs of doing so.


I am sure you want to know something about my Work History and what I bring to the table for this company and this project. Took me a while to think about where to start. So, let's just generalize it so as to not overwhelm you. I think the best way to present this is bullets as follows:

  1. Did a lot of farm work as my first entry into employment beginning when I was 12 years old, bucking hay and tending to livestock (all of them).

  2. Became a regular farm hand by the time I was 14 and experienced riding horses and wrangling bulls.

  3. Aside from Grade School plays, I did some acting in Highschool for Drama classes having appeared as Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and Cyrano de Bergerac all based on the actual plays such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I alos played as Mr. Hyde with the chool performance of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think I got type casted because I was damn good with tose types of characters and was often praised even by the schoool papers.

  4. I also helped my Drama class and art department out doing makeup, helping with costumes, and creating content to set up scenes and FX for shows, and even went to various yard sales in search of things to be added to the scenes (such as finding cherub planters, and furniture I donated to the school for the Drama and Art departments).

  5. What clinched it for me that make it clear I got type casted was when a Minister had come to watch his teen kids atten and participate in these plays is when I was invited to a Church Play to take on the role of Satan in Temptation of Christ. I was 17, but apparently the way I played the character freaked so many out as I got myself into the "head" of this figure and giving it my all as I did with any such role I played, but it left a lasting impression on many. Even the minister informed me my performance gave him nightmares but then laughed and praised me for doing such a good job as well. The rest of the congregation, however, they tended to be nice-ish, but avoided me if they could. (I subsequently gave up on ever looking into acting as a career move or risk).

  6. At least I got to play Santa a few times for other places, but not as a mall Santa or one of those Salvation Army Bell Ringers.

  7. Worked local fairs as a ride operator and helped assemble, run, repair, and dismantle carnival rides as spot help every year as a summer job and also worked in the various food and prize areas of a local fair.

  8. Did some factory and food processing work, which also gave me a way to learn about the culture, customs, and traditions of migrant workers who I befriended as another of my many seasonal jobs.

  9. Worked in retail stores such as apparel and a couple of novelty shops and home decor, and even was a hired hand and supervisor for a Rug company who hired temp help for the shows the company was attending.

  10. Worked in fast-food and restaurants in all areas, from dishwasher to prep cook and as a waiter, and had gained supervisory and management experience.

  11. Worked at movie theaters and old movie palaces in several job roles ranging from sanitation, to concessions, to building maintenance and even running the reels and working on stages in preparations for live performances, and whatever else was needed by employers.

  12. Worked as security for a private contractor at the L. B. Day Amphitheatre which is an outdoor concert venue in Salem, Oregon and even became a road crew member (roadie) for a time for a struggling metal band and met others in the metal music scene as a rsualt which was hard work but was also a lot of fun.

  13. Worked for family in construction and also helped with a childcare and a holiday window painting business as well as a construction company my step dad for a time had got up and running.

  14. Worked for another family member for a time when they had a home and yard maintenance business and grand parents when they owned an executive center for high end business owners throughout the state.

  15. Worked for relatives who owned properties and helped them clean up and repair them to get them ready and up to code for re-rental or sale.

  16. Worked for a friend in a printing press company and another friend as an independent and licensed real estate agent.

  17. Eventually I owned my own businesses as a wholesale to retail distributorship and also as a side job created art for other companies such as logos for letter heads and business cards, posters and various seasonal ads and promotions.

  18. I successfully created an outreach program using various forms of art to give homeless and runaway teens a creative outlet and voice which in turn helped many of them get lasting employment, rehab from various addictions and reconnecting with their families they had become estranged from or lost contact with under another Non-profit’s licensing.

  19. Was contracted periodically to paint murals inside of business and private homes for kids play rooms.

  20. I was also contacted through referrals to create such art for adults with, let's just say, adult themes as the art subject, for such as Porn Shops, Strip Clubs, and even private homes for the wilder kind of well to do homeowners. it’s mainly because art the time such were unable to find anyone else willing to do such work and it put me in high demand. And yes, I did meet some Porn Stars, some rather famous ones in fact that commissioned me for such work and even designing tattoos for them so someone else ink their skin with those designs. (Could never bring myself to actually becoming a tattooist myself).

  21. For a time I was even an active ordained minister, had recieved a Doctor of Divinity based on my education and charitable work, and I am still ordained to this day, thoiugh no longer active in this line of work.

  22. I volunteered for several privatley owned computer repair and recycling businesses which is what introduced me to computers and digital software and related technologies.

  23. Volunteered periodically for a local Chamber of Commerce.

  24. Volunteered periodically for a local Elder Care Home because I really enjoyed talking to and hanging out with the disabled and elderly and learned a lot from each and every one of them, and about the past that they actually lived and experienced first hand.

  25. I also volunteered my art talent from time to time as a private contracted forensic sketch artist for law enforcement in one of the small towns I lived in at the time when it was still a small town (Wow how things change).

By now you can likely see the arts, in one form or another, has been a dominate feature in my life. I even, as a hobby, took some classes making jewelry in college such as handmade rings, and various mobile art. No mobile art like your phone device, but rather that hanging display art.

I have never worked in medical, I never served in the military, I have helped law enforcement but never been law enforcement, I have never been a politician, I have never been a first responder of any sort (officially), I have never worked directly for any government agency, I have met Tibetan Monks when they visited Salem Oregon and as such I have never really been "Famous" for any lasting amount of time and never tried to be. But I can say I have had many adventures, experiences and met a lot of people from all walks of life and generally have got along well with most of them.

That is what I bring to the table for Sybirathia LLC and this project of Sybirathia the Game we are and will create together. 😎

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