The general goal of this company as stated under the Business Model is to generate revenue by way of end user purchases and third party business ads. This is by no means or remotely has anything to do "crowd funding" with is something else entirely.
The amount of money and the current estimated value of this business has come directly out of pocket and used to pay for such as website, related services and technologies, software, hardware and some 3rd party asset, along with payment for some registrations and company credit building reports.
More investments will be needed as well in the near future, among which include options for various collaborative developer services, dedicated game servers, end user security features to further protect privacy of data and various other necessary marketing options and contracted assistance.   
Most of those who have contacted us with their offers have demonstrated several issues which can be properly called their own red herring prospectuses but in reverse of what is usually defined as such.  Several of these include clear and common scammer buzz words. Among these pitches and offers are:   
  1. Venture Capital firms claiming they will put us in touch with their investors with up to "up to 100,000 or up to 300,000 pre-approved funds/loans but also want as much as 30 percent ownership in the company and access to information that is in direct conflict with our policies, terms and EULA.
  2. Second, if such are pre-approved "up to" anything this is clearly in direct contradiction of the vary definition of investors and venture capitalists.  When asked specifically how much is approved now of already pre-determined?
  3. Many have said that in order for "consideration" of a pre-approved amount, we have to sign up for their multiple 8 hour webinars twice a day, three times a week for 90 days but also pay for such reserved "seats" that are non-refundable, "but we can cancel any time."
  4. One should already comprehend its a hook and release type scam. One should also be made aware that is not how any reputable VC Investors work in the first place.
  5. All these things and others are just money grabs, and the next set are designed to also destroy your personal credit as well as company credit history.
  6. This is the mail solicitied "business credit cards" with ridiculous interest rates for to little to even really accomplish anything with  and also use the approved for "up to" pitch.
  7. These wasted offers throw numbers around such as of $300, $500, or a $1000. These all go directly into the trash because in reality if someone is foolish enough to "go for it" they are lucky if they are approved for $100 USD which is fine if all you ever need is postal stamps, and then pay by a deadline as much as $500 within less than 7 business days while also falsely filing claims with collection companies of default payments.
  8. So in all they all go into the trash,and are forgotten and if such come through such as our business emails or chats the are deleted immediately without question or hesitation. 
Many times if something looks like it is a trustworthy potential, we do our own research to find out as much as we can about the them.  What we check for is among many things:
  1. Where are they located.
  2. Where are they registered.
  3. Where do they conduct their primary business.
  4. Where is this field office located.
  5. Is this field office registered in the country they claim under the name they provided.
  6. How long have they been in business.
  7. Do they expect businesses to be established longer than even they have existed.
  8. Are their phone numbers and URLs listed with any scam notices.
  9. How much do they claim to offer and how much do they actually offer.
  10. How are funds made available or is it just another "use our credit card" scam.
We do not rely on what their websites claim about where they have been featured but rather contact those companies and ask them if its true, for how long and if the still do business with them. The we ask them a reverse set of questions.
  1. Who referred you to us. 
  2. Where did you find our listing.
  3. What do you know about this company.
  4. What is your experience with businesses in this specific industry.
  5. Have you read our Polices and enclosed content.
  6. What do you know or understand about our business venture.
  7. What specifically interests you in our company.
  8. Why do you wish to offer funding to this company.
  9. What is it about this company that makes you think its a good fit for your service/offers.
  10. Are you and your company, agents, subsidiaries, investors, etc willing to agree to and sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement.
  11. If you already know the information about this company and have allocated funds, are you willing to negotiate terms with a third party legal council of our choice in the location of our choice and upon a mutually accept set of terms signed sand copies filed for public record to make such funds available immediately.
Often before we even get this far they often excuse themselves, apologize for "wasting" our time and may even close the conversation with "if we ever change our minds..." its really not a matter of us "changing" our minds.  Its a matter of them justifying why they are a reliable source and a failure of them to show they actually know what this business is or the product and service we are and will be offering.
Yes, if the offers make sense, the venture capitalists understand the business and its structure, comprehend the product and service and can be specific and upfront about how much, how soon, how often and so forth.
If you haven't done so, you are encouraged to review this video. The information is still fairly current and valid.  It is highly informative and as we require, straightforward and well explained. 

The statements are made by legitimate Venture Capitalist investors and explain the realities, opportunities, pitfalls and speculative that are used to used to inform and drive their determinations as to whether  they will offer finds or not.