The general goal of this company as stated under the Business Model is to generate revenue by way of end user purchases and third party business ads. Otherwise everything has been funded out of pocket and will continue to be along with member support and possible sponsorships. This is by no means the same as "crowd funding" which is something else entirely, and most crowd funding sites are already heavily saturated and often have too many excessive hoops and expectations to jump through.
The amount of money and the current estimated value of this business has come directly out of pocket and used to pay for such as website, related services and technologies, software, hardware and some 3rd party asset, along with payment for some registrations and company credit building reports.
More investments will be needed as well in the near future, among which include options for various collaborative developer services, dedicated game servers, end user security features to further protect privacy of data and various other necessary marketing options and contracted assistance.   
Most of those who have contacted us with their offers have demonstrated several issues which can be properly called "head hunting"  for gullible individuals with questionable offers and proposals only suitable for those foolish enough to have the development ethos of "Move fast and break things" -which almost always goes bad fast.  We're most start-ups in those and other respects. 
We are taking our time on purpose both in development of the product/service in the form of the game itself, and overall business development and options from a corporate perspective, while working hard on building worthiness of trust and establishing a solid reputation for honesty, integrity, consistency, accuracy, transparency and reliability.
  1. Aside from the inevitable excessive "mailed offers" that come with registering and starting a new business, we have received several "venture capital offers including "startup loans."
  2. However, most tend to be pushy, time sensitive type pressure tactic using coercion act now tactics which will always receive on our end a polite but clear, no thanks response. 
  3. Another issue is when we are unable to verify a company, especially independent from a solicitor's referrals, and or any actual and honest consumer reviews not listed on their sites, if they even have one at all. 
  4. Several of these include clear and common scammer buzz words. Among these pitches and offers are:   
  • You are pre-approved for up $100,000 or up to 300,000 in credit/loans, just do this, and this, take this survey, do this, and while at this and that, please include your blood type and planet of origin (yes that last part is an exaggeration but not too far off with how these things tend to go).
  • Because your New Company credit score is (whatever number they apply and sometimes don't list where they got their information) we will invest X-amount which can be ready for you as soon as 1 hour or the next business day...
  • We are a service with Angel Investors and our primary location is Dubai, but our main office is in London. You set the amount you want/need for so and so and we will get it for you...just fill out all this information and provide us access to your personal and.or business account and one of our silent investors will prepare  deposit in the amount you have stated (yeah more like give me access to your account so I can rib you blind).
We always seek to validate the information, reliability and reputation of a company, regardless if looks like it is a trustworthy or not. After all the whole meaning of research means Look Again and we look several times and at several diverse angles before proceeding with anything. Also as the case tends to be, if it looks too easy, its likely a complete fraud. and more often than not, it is.  We do our own research to find out as much as we can about the them.  What we check for is among but not limited to seeking answers to these questions:
  1. Where are they located.
  2. Where are they registered.
  3. How long have they been in business.
  4. Can the business be verified outside of their references.
  5. Where do they conduct their primary business.
  6. Where is this field office located.
  7. Is this field office registered in the country they claim under the name they provided.
  8. Do they expect businesses to be established longer than they have existed.
  9. Does their URL have a secured lock icon.
  10. Are their phone numbers and URLs listed with any scam notices  or do they redirect immediately when entering the URL.
  11. Can you back out of their website or do you have to close the tab completely.
  12. Do they expect you to register before you can read their website content.
  13. Who are their vendors, affiliates or associated companies.
  14. Will their claimed vendors, affiliates or associated companies validate them and themselves can be verified.
  15. If they call you can you call the same number back or does it give a notice the number as dialed cannot be reached.
  16. How much do they claim to offer and how much do they actually offer.
  17. What are their upfront rates, percentages and how soon do they require repayments.
  18. How are funds made available or is it just another "use our credit card" bit.
Once we have as many of the above questioned answered will determine if we bother responding to future solicitations from them ir simply block and report them as spam and scam. They need to be able to answer our questions and we will need to be able to confirm in complete detail everything related to their answers. We will ask them a reverse set of questions such as..
  1. How did you learn about us.
  2. Who referred you to us. 
  3. Where did you find our listing.
  4. What do you know about this company.
  5. What is your experience with businesses in this specific industry.
  6. Have you read our Polices and enclosed content.
  7. What do you know or understand about our business venture.
  8. What specifically interests you in our company.
  9. Why do you wish to offer funding to this company.
  10. What is it about this company that makes you think its a good fit for your offers.
  11. Are you and your company, agents, subsidiaries, investors, etc willing to agree to and sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement.
  12. If you already know the information about this company and have allocated funds, are you willing to negotiate terms with a third party legal council of our choice in the location of our choice,
  13. and upon a mutually acceptance of these set of terms, will you sign a negotiated contract that will then be filed for public record to make such funds available immediately, including terms for repayment in the case of loans.
Often before we even get this far they often excuse themselves, apologize for "wasting" our time or just hang up if on a phone or seldom to never reply to a correspondence email. That's fine for us. For us we consider this either as an admission to an attempted scam (regardless how week or sophisticated they may or may not be), or an admission to the weakness of their company and offers, and lack of confidence in their proclaimed or alleged services.
  1. The gaming industry is diverse and nebulous in many respects.
  2. While the financial potential and value of an industry can be estimated the industry is in constant flux.
  3. What may have been true or the norm years ago, months ago or a day ago is irrelevant to the moment.
  4. Corporations, companies, and even countries that fail to comprehend this will always be behind.
  5. Once a trend has started it is already over and the opportunities are gone.
  6. In this industry you do not follow trends to be successful. You start them.
  7. Old trends can become new trends at any given moment locally and globally.
  8. Traditional investing and funding is seldom geared to these dynamics so other methods have to be used.
  9. Indies do not have the same monetary opportunities as AAA companies.
  10. Most AAA companies themselves started as Indies.
  11. The fastest way for an Indie to fail before it even begins is to take on huge loans.
  12. The best options are out of pocket, supporting hopefuls, community members and sponsorships.
  13. Organizations such as the SBA and others are not geared to provide grants for independent game industry start ups.
  14. While the game industry and especially the indie aspect of it has shown it outperforms most more traditional ones should they be able to allocate funds in one form or another, most states have no proper listing or business laws or funding options, much less viable resources for this industry despite its existence since as early as the 1960's in the mainstream.
These are obvious gaps that do not help strengthen this industry regardless how much revenue it may bring into a local city or a state, such as within the United States of America. This lack of making it easier for indies to be supported in their start up and implementations or over focus on "minorities and disadvantaged individuals based on race and gender or sexual orientation" is also a complete and unjustifiable conflict with the dynamics and diversity of this industry in part and in whole and should instead be provided based on merit, feasibility and tried, tested and proven commercial markets, opportunities and applications. This is something other countries have realized, yet something that most European countries have failed to comprehend, including the United States.
Funding comes out of pocket, through future end user funding support if they wish, and through potential sponsors which will likewise be contingent upon the public buzz if any by way of word off mouth by end users and participating volunteer developers. We will not accept loan offers.
Aside from the fact there are limitations to an LLC on how such can or cannot be involved in such as trading of stocks and other related financing, is clear that  how we develop and the direction of this company would simply be incompatible with Investors, be they silent Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and so forth.
  • Traditionally investors want a say in company and product/service development and dictate from a board the direction of a company which all too often results in things being released too early in an unfinished or broken state, or ends up being over hyped creating excessive consumer expectations that seldom pan out.
  • Those who take on such investors are not focusing on end users as customers because at that point the investors are the customers and the end users are just consumers as a money source to make the investors money "right now."
  • Large and established AAA type companies can afford the various broken and mass produced games, and many of which are simply remakes of previous ones they already own using the same source code and simply changing up the art a bit. This again is to get as many returns as possible by saturating markets with these endless streams of remakes and more or less throw away games. Indies don't have that monetary power much less options.
  • Indies that also take on investments and profit sharing end up with little to no returns paying everything back with an expected additional percentage and as such either sell out or shut down indefinitely and cannot establish any sustainability.
  • For these and additional reasons we will not be accepting investment offers or options as it is unreasonable, illogical, and overall incompatible with our business model.
State and Federal Grant sources simply do not exist for indie game developments. They tend to be for non-profits and other industries and also geared to "minorities and disadvantaged business owners based on gender, race, or sexual orientation" and the rest for non-profits and social projects by city and state agencies. Oddly there are no such grants that also include disabled individuals or persons on fixed incomes wishing to change and improve their financial stability. In the long and short of it, seeking grants for an indie game development company is not accessible from the local city, state or federal level regardless how much revenue is generated by this industry locally and abroad.
The few sources that may be willing to make grants available for the game industry tend to be more towards gambling, and/or in a stagnant perspective seek such to have some reference to the State's past or associations such as in Oregon with excessive focus on country themes and the Oregon Trail. that does not really stimulate any wider reaching diversity and opportunities. Other interdependent studios are those few that instead produce content as commissioned work for such as Big Name companies but had to take a few years to get to where they are now, with most having entered into the process as early as the late 1980's and 1990's, and seldom any older. Most ballpark around 1996-2010 when they started and only as recent as 2017 made any headway as commissioned studios for film and games but still did not receive grants in that process.  the key here is they work and develop for someone else with deep pockets and meet or beat expected deadlines pending the specific contracts.   
Aside from the fact the few viable and established Crowd Funding sites exist and do sometimes generate some interest in those willingness to help or wishing for some special offer, and aside from the many hoops and requirements of such sites to even have a project listed with them, and still no certainty any capital will be gathered (and a percentage of this also taken by said crowd funding sources) the reality is, feasibility by all these and other issues make such Crowd Funding "options" unfeasible and will not align well with this project. The reasons are otherwise clear enough as follows:
  • Already over saturated when such Crowd Funding sources themselves started.
  • If you are not already a recognized and established name, this wont work for you.
  • Crowd Funding is NOT the best bet for an indie game developer.
  • If you don’t already have a active and strong community supporting you or your creation,  any crowdfunding campaign will fail.
  • This is not saying that some campaigns, out of the blue, suddenly got major funding. Its simply a factor of extreme rarity. 
  • When you have a community supporting you, raising money is easier than when you are an indie studio or company with no games in your portfolio.
Consider this from a basic factor of Psychology. Psychologically, it is easier to put your money, maybe as little as $10 or even $100 in a campaign that looks like it is achieving its goal, can show its progress and isn't coming across like it is over a million dollars behind to complete its project. Like anyone in anything else they need to see something first and what they see needs to be sensible and reasonable. Furthermore, the few successful campaigns with specific features that such offers can make sense in typically asked for less than $10,000 USD and had to justify that amount.
Finally, there is another major issue with Crowd Funding Campaigns: They are exhausting and will take you away from other important and specific aspects of development you need to focus on. the fact is you have to be on these campaigns 24/7, and in most cases this is literal. You have to be able to be on it every hour or  time of day, every day, responding to inquiries, presenting perhaps some form of media promotion you made yourself, keep people engaged and excited about it while trying to covey the excitement from yourself. Overall its not productive to the already thin amount of time available to a developer even with excellent time management active and in place.
  • Sure, you can hire someone as spokes person for the campaign but then what is raised and the percentage taken by the crowd funding platform takes the money that was being sought in the first lace for the actual game dev costs (like software, servers, art and other assets).
  • Sure you can produce a video to promo the project but need some good editing and presentation skills  so it does not come across as a lazy or amateurish mess that you would have been better off just creating a power point presentation filled with nothing but pictures of kittens. (Yes, kittens, puppies and most baby animals are cure but its not the point).
  • Finally, those big success stories tend to go as far back as 2012 when crowd funding sites were still not that heavily saturated and didn't get lost in the same crowd of far too many other campaigns to list or mention. It was also a different social and economic state of affairs at that time and "less politics" to deal with.
  • Then there are also the burns to crowd funders which have also jaded many since these times that makes such prospects far more difficult, more frustrating and so on (such as not answering questions, not being transparent, not keeping promises, not producing what was stated was going to be produced, and general bad PR by those who received huge denominations from backers around the world, literally).
The only time Crowd Finding is even a viable option, and that is still very slim on the viability with all the previously stated reasons, is for such as PR done right, and solely for needing just a little extra cash for the "polish" of a project (like the art) and getting over a minor barrier like securing servers or whatever. We certainly do not wish for our reputation to become tarnished while we are in the process of building our reputation on the front and the back end and surrounding aspects of this project. That also makes it an unreasonable and potentially highly expensive risk we are not in the position to take.
Therefore, Crowd Funding sites, for the time being and  as concluded is a very bad idea.

With the very thin shoe string budge and out of pocket funding so far, we are close to completing some of our immediate goals. We are welcoming new and potential volunteers which will naturally speed up the project's creation and afford it being properly programmed and made ready as a working demo and will ask end users serving as testers to try and break things like the mechanics in normal game play so we can note them, resolve them and then work towards and official release.
Furthermore, we are not seeking to over hype this project or announcing a projected time frame so as to avoid disappointing our potential end users with any promises that cannot be kept or fulfilled. In other words we are keeping the hype capped and expectations low so we have room to meet or beat those expectations. Above all else and as stated before..."We are not seeking to reinvent the wheel. We are just seeking to give it better tread."