Since we been developing this project piece by piece, and step by step, the following are the main lists of features people have requested the most.  These inform us on our direction as we look to our end users for inspiration, not investor dictated rhetoric. In short, the customer/end user is the priority behind this design.

Main List:

  1. Ability to customize avatars, have wider ranges of diversity of technicalities, create content for avatars and home locations, and free open spaces to  build scenes/locations.

  2. A place where you can join parties, watch videos, virtual DJs, stream movies to watch with friends and guests and use avatars to dance with new people and even established friends.

  3. Option to use text or voice chat, and have a main public chat, private chat and friends list chat within the same chat menu with ability to exclude, block, and unblock chat which also blocks other ways of potential contact such as through messaging.

  4. Ability to set home location to public, private, or create a guest list of those who can enter to filter out unwanted random visitors and ability to keep others from seeing where one is within the game world unless invited directly.,

  5. Option to invite others from a collective friend list or post a general public notice or event but does not create a pop-up type ad menu, but rather appears in the main UI under a message/mail icon so that its non-intrusive to game play.

  6. Ability to gift someone, friend or not, regardless of player level earned or paid for game currency so players can help each other out, or help those more financially strapped to still improve on their avatars and home locations.    

A few additional features have been requested as inclusions that will work on concert with the previously mentioned. These are listed as follows and some based on what former worlds use to do but others never picked back up that many enjoyed and liked the existence of those options.

Virtual Tours every hour that run automatically

How it works for creators of locations/scenes:

  1. One creates a location based on a theme/category and can only list the location in one category alone.

  2. They can only have one location in one category and cannot change its category later so they can't cheat others out of getting.

  3. They cannot add another location in the same category if they already have one in that category so others can have a change to have their locations make it on a tour list.

  4. If they change the location from public to private it is automatically removed from tour list.

  5. Tours should be separated from general public and public AOP required locations as separate content tours. 

  6. The more likes it receives the higher on the popular locations list it becomes which increases potential game currency rewards. 

  7. Each like counts as a point that gives the location creator game currency as a reward in multiples of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 so they earn more rewards once the next level of likes of a location has increased and this can also be increased by visitors directly invented during events, but can only be "liked" once per player regardless if the like came from a tour or direct invitation.

  8. This then establishes their location in the "popular places" to visit but once a location reaches a maxed number it will be bumped from the tour system to open op room for new popular locations and bumped locations placed in a Historical Locations list.

  9. If the location is removed from the tour it can still remain in the historical locations list but if the location is deleted at some point by the end user or they have deleted their account, their locations will automatically be removed from all lists to save space for active or preserved locations.


How it works for general Tourists

  1. The player just has to go to the Tour Center or some location or NPC that acts as the Tour Guide with whom they register.

  2. The player is then put on a timer notice when the next tour starts and 5 minutes before it begins they are notified that they will be automatically teleported to the tour locations which are a total of 10 in number for 10 minutes to look around and gain 10 game coins/rewards for each place they have entered. 

  3. During a tour if they want to "leave" the automatic teleportation to a new scene, they can cancel the tour from continuing and receive only the rewards for the number of places they have been to up to that point. So if they only been to 3 locations but cancel they only receive 30 game coins. 

  4. Other incentives include that for the first 10 locations they complete a bonus reward and receive an additional hundred game coins. 20 locations they get a bonus of 200, 30 = 300, 40 =400, and so on. If they have succeeded or completed a visit of 1000 locations regardless if on tour or not, the receive a Traveler's Bonus of 10,000 coins.

  5. They also should have options to add a location to "Favorite Places" in their own list so they can find them again later of they want to return to any of them.

  6. Liking locations should also have its own game currency earning incentive.

​​Rewards for inviting friends who sign up and join game

  1. If an individual has a friend's email or is given an option to post a link for signing up and joining based on that link to a third party site or some other means of communication, they should receive a daily bonus they can go and check on so the more who have joined under their invited friends list increases how much that daily bonus currency is.

  2. In game, to prevent spamming, one should only be able to send out that email once per email they have listed and cannot be resent again. Otherwise they can use the share link option any time so they alone are addressed for spamming people they know.

  3. One does not loose daily pay ranking which has the max level of 1000 because someone has quit or closed their account. It does not diminish the points as they are treated as achievements.

All of these along with out initial plans are feasible. Its simply a matter of testing options and compatibilities with the Engine we are using and testing other mechanics to make certain everything works together harmoniously. These will come in as later additions and updates after our primary features are set up and working as intended. It also serves as some guide points to help us develop features our end users would like to see considered and if possible implemented.