Sybirathia 3D is being designed for PC and will have additional builds added later that support MAC and Linux systems.
VR and Haptic suit Device Options will be considered later as plugin options in later development.
Recommended Minimal System Specs:
  1. Windows 10, 64 Bit
  2. Latest DirectX 11.
  3. Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-i7 3.3GHz
  4. Graphics: 2 GB GPU.
  5. 16 GB RAM.
  6. 8 GB Free Space (SSD or HDD).
When installer is ready be aware that:
  1. It is entirely free to download, install and get playing.
  2. There will be No special v3rd party viewer required or allowed to be applied.
  3. Installer will contain no Ransomware,Malware or Spyware or any other exploiters.
  4. No special or extra hardware required (camera, microphone, etc. as this is up to you).
  5. You will not have to install the version of the Unity Game Engine itself to play the game.

Early stage contributing volunteers:
The majority of content will be end user made and we will be creating a database for uploading and storing content.
  1. Till this feature is available and you would like to begin creating locations to be applied/integrated into the game world as special locations for others to enter into and enjoy, then you will need to go to the Unity Game Engine Website, create a new member account, download the Hub first, selecting the Free Personal Use, and install it.
  2. then go to the Unity archive on their website and search under the 2019x tab and scroll down to Unity 2019.4.0, with the release date 9 Jun, 2020 and select the Green Button as shown here.
Always be sure to be directly connected to the internet on a stable and secure line rather than using WiFi.  When the security window opens be sure to uncheck anything that says not recommended so you can keep things private. It is also recommended that before you install any of the other features such as Visual Studio as a coding editor, etc. you uncheck all those and let the engine install first, then go back and add the other options of you choose to have them and have the space for them on your system.
How to submit content to us for now:
  1. For now it is recommended to use Google Drive and create a link that only those with that link can download such content.
  2. Google Drive provides 15 GB of free space to work with unlike other file sharing sources such as GitHub, etc. even Unity's Free Collab does not offer remotely that much space and charges a monthly fee for anything more than its 1 GB space which is not very useful. 
  3. Send the link directly to the Administrator of this website and once the content has been downloaded, to keep that open space, simply trash the file making it no longer available.  
Be sure that such scenes created follow these basic guidelines:
  1. Don't add any code/scripting/programs in the submission.
  2. Any content used to create the scene/location cannot be from other third party sources for licensing reasons.
  3. If all content is what you created yourself 100% in fbx format include a note file with a release to use for the game; this is essentially a commercial license release.
  4. Also provide your real name, not just a member or avatar name in such a release so your name can be added to our list of participating contributors.
Why Discord?
While we do have the chat options here on this page for both visitors and members to communicate with one another as more join this website to keep up to date, for those that would especially like to communicate as potential volunteer developer members of this virtual world endeavor, you will be able to more effectively:
  1. Use video/voice
  2. Text/chat
  3. Attend Online remote meetings.
It just cuts a lot of needless extras out of the way.