This is the bottom line of implementation and sustainability especially if we intend to keep the game free to play, not pay to win, cover all reasonable operational and adverting overhead/expenses, and ultimately keep the lights on and the game playable and enjoyable so we can deliver on our plans.



As challenges and earning game coins become harder and options for end user made content becomes stable as an option purchases with "Sybir Coins"  (Called SICs) will only apply for cosmetic items for avatars and home locations. We will also put a block on "asset flipping" in such locations so other content creators are not being denied earning SICs for the sales of their content in other creators shop lists. There will also be a cap on how much content creators can charge for various items So end users are not having to shell out something like $10,000 real USD in game currency for items that only exist digitally like hats and shoes or the like. There will be some flexibility on content made as exclusive customs on requests by other end users provided such items are in fact kept exclusive. 

  •      One time payment per three recharge options:

  1. $1 USD = 1000 coins

  2. $5 USD: = 2500 coins

  3. $10 USD = 6000 coins:

Monthly Auto Recharge:

  1. $10 USD = 2000 coins per week

  2. $15 USD: = 4000 coins per week

  3. $20 USD = 8000 coins per week:



Most make the false assumption AO content is always sex game type things. This isn't the case. In reality, most who find a game that have such passes only are interested in such mostly so they can just interact with other adults in normal game play and not have to worry some teen or minor os going o be bugging them all the time or begging for game funding help, or just being general pests getting in the way of enjoying a game.  

  1. Yes, content creators/designers will be allowed to create AO restricted content.

  2. No, one without an AOP will be able to see or use such content.

  3. Yes, some content may include animations of an explicitly sexual nature.

  4. No, an AOP holder cannot use such animations with non-AOP members.

  5. Yes, AOP will be restricted to AO locations that cannot be accessed by non AOP members.

  6. No, members cannot and are not allowed to purchase any sort of AOP or content for others.

  7. Yes, if someone forgets they are wearing AOP accessories/content upon leaving such locations those items deactivate. 

  8. No, end users in their own home locations cannot walk around in the nude without an AOP and location set to AO.

  9. Yes, anyone creating AO restricted content and not listing such as AO and entering non AO locations can get suspended and risk having their accounts locked down for up to 30 days, and repeat offenders banned from the game indefinitely.

  10. No, a plead of pardon on alleged ignorance of these rules which are covered in our policies is no pardon or release from responsibility for such actions.

The pricing structure along with a thorough set of age verification processes before one can pay for an AOP is broken down into a simple set of pass types that do not need some sort of "fancy" package name type.  You also will not be able to use game currency to "buy" such passes because of the age verification requirements that will be included before an order can be completed. This is both to protect minors from adult predators and adults from minor predators.

  •      Four Simple Costs and Duration of Activity

  1. 30 days: $15 USD (No auto renewal)

  2. 90 days: $25 USD (Auto renewal selected as an option)

  3. 120 Days: $35 USD (Auto renewal selected as an option)

  4. 360 Days: $50 USD (Auto renewal selected as an option)


The 30 day version allows one to renew on their own  and gives them 5 day space of time before the pass becomes inactive.  Once any pass becomes inactive they wont have access to their AO content.


  1. The remaining three can be selected to auto renew one day after the time has elapsed and allows a 5 day wait before the reactivation payment is withdrawn form the card/payment method on file.

  2. During this time they can also choose to cancel renewal.

  3. If the cancellation notice is delayed or received within 5 to 10 business days after a charge goes through the cancellation will act along the same lines as a refund and the processing time will be contingent upon their financial institution's processing time. 

  4. During the wait time their AOP stays active until the refund has been completed. 

  5. If there is any error in the process which we can verify (and can occur), as an apology and because their information has already been verified they are legally old enough to have and use such a pass and access such content, we will extend their AOP for another 30 days free of charge while they wait for their returned payment to be completed. This will only be a one time offer.

  6. However, if we find its an ongoing to repeated issue or claim by that account/card holder, we will flag them as potentially or attempting to commit fraud and suggest they delete the card used to make a payment and use a different one.

  7. If it is reported again by the same account holder with a different card all financial processing with their account will be suspended as we proceed to investigate the issue further for possible security and data leaks, hijacks, and any other clear signs of fraudulent activity by themselves or others.

  8. If no evidence exists whatsoever there is any actual issue we will consider the problem is local to their own computer and/or they are making fraudulent reports to get free things for which they are not entitled and move to remove their accounts and ban them from future access.  w

  9. This will be followed with a notice of the findings and actions being taken along with a statement filing false claims is liable for us to bring legal action against them and if they persist in such fraudulent activity we will proceed with filing claims against them to the fullest extent the law allows. 



  1. A business can pay (and negotiate) for reasonable compensation to have a commercial ad appear on one of our video/movie billboards in the city locations, pending space availability and location so their ads are not interfering with the environment or causing problems for end users to play the game itself.

  2. Naturally the duration, time, content, etc. will be negotiated. This does not mean any business can or will be regarded as able to just come along, bid for a space and have an ad on our site or in the game world.

  3. This is very as to why. Too many scams and too many other companies using "legal loopholes" to avoid bad products and services as their advertisers so they can make their base financial line.

  4. This lack of a company's personal integrity on what ads they will or refuse to run over their networks is regarded as another major loss in integrity all around that we wish to bring back into the narrative of this company, its business and our ultimate goal of reliable and quality services for our customer bases.

  5. So yes, we will reserve the right to reject any company we feel is in conflict with our policies to advertise with us regardless the financial negotiations or offers.




  1. A single person who creates a product or provides a service will be able to just as easily use our shop locations to connect with potential customers. 

  2. They will also be responsible for the products and services they provide and what reputation they create with their end consumers they access through our service provisions like anyone else.

  3. For example, if say an individual can make a physical item like hand made crafts that they have a 3D virtual representation in the game environment that represents their product that someone would like a real version of it, the consumer can send them an order and the artisan in question will need to be sure they can fill the order as offered.

  4. We dont need to take any more payments because said artisan already paid for their space for the ad and we wont be doing anything than providing a service to allow payment processing to occur so that covers out costs.

  5. Again, no need for us to gauge anyone.


  • We will not allow pop up ads that randomly occur in the game or on the website. 

  • We will not allow links to other sites/games such as ON Google Play Store OR NY OTHER SOURCE that include such offers as "Watch this and get this."

  • We will not allow ads or links that claim  or imply to "pay" real currency  to players for playing their games and providing their personal bank/card, or other such scams or threats to our end users.

  • We will not allow clear and obvious ads of clear scam items being rolled through ad windows such as those that show real animals while trying to claim they are really animation items, or whatever other such nonsense is rolled.

  • We will not allow political or ideological ads of any kind.


  1. Not every business needs the same ad time or amount of ad space so that is why costs are negotiated based on validity, necessity and the intention of the ads in the first place.

  2. As such what one company needs wont be what another does so their costs will not be the same.  Again its that simple.


NOTE: These basic revenue generation options have 4 main important ingredients.

  1. End users know what they are paying for.

  2. Companies know our expectations.

  3. Developers have a clear structure to work with.

  4. Our comapny will not be dictated or distorted by investors  trying to also gain control over company plans and goals.