The online virtual world, Sybirathia, being developed by parent company Sybirathia, LLC. and its volunteer partner, Old Norse Game Studios, is a ‘free’ to play game world in which Sybirathians (users) can imagine and create their respective virtual personifications (avatars) and create their own world locations.


The degree of ‘freedom’ of use is limited by our clear and specific policies, terms and ELUA. The following discusses the business model of Sybirathia (the game) as it affects its potential sources of commercial and social success as well as potential opportunities for further, future expansions. 

Rather than go through a long and drawn out discussion of the history of the World Wide Web, how games have evolved and how early virtual world environments made their departure from the general composition and characteristics of video games, this will be more specifically focused.


Many will assume we are attempting to create a Metaverse or trying to Reinvent the Wheel. This is not the case. The factor is the Metaverse is largely a misrepresented concept and a present day fiction. In our chase we are simply seeking to "give the wheel" new tread.  Let's clarify the Metaverse fiction and why those claiming to be creating such are both wrong and not actually creating a Metaverse. 

  1. Its not a departure or evolution from the internet. Instead it is accessed by the internet.

  2. Internet access and the Metaverse would be completely free, and not able to be controlled at all by anyone.

  3. This means it would not fall under any EULA's including but not limited to creative commons or OpenSource content.

  4. It also would not be owned, controlled or otherwise regulated by any one company, institution or organization.

  5. It would not be able to be prevented from being accessible or dictated by any nation, government or political parties.

  6. It would be beyond any and all forms of trade currencies and general capitalism but allow for all financial opportunities.

  7. Accessibility would be completely autonomous, anonymous and allow for all forms of "legal and criminal" enterprise.

While the Metaverse is also presented as a 3D simulated universe or sorts, there are a few fictional stereotypes that give a false impression of what the "Metaverse" truly would be  and would have to be in order to be a true Metaverse.

  1. While VR and AR is one means of expression of oneself in a Metaverse, it would also include non-VR and non-AR traditional access to a virtual world with a virtual personification as a representation of an actor within the environments from a standard PC. 

  2. It also means a true Metaverse would have both 2D and 3D expressions in which one does not need special gear to experience the environments created by individuals, and or larger corporations and all of the would be linked into it like they are through the World Wide Web via the Internet.

  3. It would also allow for a holographic projection from the virtual reality or Metaverse into the real world you can in the real world have some degree of real world interaction with including such as a "holodeck"  as presented in examples of the Star Trek series and virtual creatures on a game board as shown in some of the earliest examples of Star Wars.

In short all forms and expressions and possibilities would be present in a true Metaverse that is experiences both within and outside of said Metaverse or it is not a true Metaverse. Furthermore, it would have the presence of all sorts of diverse AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is not aware but simulates some sort of awareness as program type creatures, and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) entities that are able to adapt themselves and even change their own programming as for lack of better words, evolving digital minds with digitally composed bodies and personalities as well as tangible awareness of their own.

While companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many more are claiming to be developing and creating their Own Metaverses, in reality the vital flaw in the claim is "their own versions" rather than their own contributions to said Metaverse. Also they would not be the sole contributors. Everyone would be a contributor directly or indirectly in one form or another. It is the ultimate concept of complete decentralization and for such companies its not as "lucrative" as their pitches tend to be. If anything, what they are creating is no different than any other game company and would be more appropriately called  their own mini-verses regardless how large their membership base may be vs. how large their active user base is or might be.


No one is creating a true Metaverse. Nor are we.


We make no bones about it. Our goal is to develop a HUB style virtual world that combines three concepts  of game development in one place. Social Environments, Traditional Gaming Environments and Creating a venue for individuals and businesses to have representations within the game world as the Economic Game Environment so end users can stay in the game and order real world products and services without having to leave the game environment. And its all much simpler than many presume or claim it to be. 

  1. The Social Environment: The social environment is just as it sounds. Its a area within a game world (virtual space) were people can connect and interact with one another in one form or another, via an avatar of some sort. They share what they want to share and interact how, when and if they want to interact.

    • This also means they have options to change their character representations any time they wish based on what is available (via shops and inventories) as well as home locations that are free, commissioned and or paid for.

    • They may share things like music, videos, shows, or have something like Watch Parties.

    • Otherwise as content creators that may be their only and preferred presence in such locations. It's all up to the individual.

    • This can also include more executive type business interactions where a company can have or reserve a virtual meeting space with their staff, investors, and all around business associates.

    • If some produce indie films they can host shows for such events. In virtual clubs they can try their hands as DJs. Even bands can have a presence to promote their music and comedians who get real world stage fright can go for open mic nights at virtual comedy clubs.

    • All that is needed is the creation of the environment, link the locations to the central game city hub, and also allow end users to bookmark their favorite locations in the game menu to so they can visit them whenever they wish. 

  2. The Traditional Environment: The traditional environment is best described within the context of first and third person shooter games, racing games, survival games, graphic novel games, and so forth.

    • However, traditional gaming also includes the diverse early generation games of the 2D pixel varieties ranging from Space Invaders from 1979 to more lonely games like Microsoft XBox's first 2001 game puzzle called Azurik: Rise of Perathia, and its big title Halo that came out in the same year and created by created by Bungie.

    • Then there are those like Nintendo's Mario Bros and those published by such as Sega, Attari and many more. Many of these had no initial story line, as much of concepts that more or less created their own stories over time as action, adventure and fantasy games.

    • The key here is the social elements only came to develop when such had online options as MMOs rather than the hang out aspect of social environments like Second Life and something of a bridge such as World of Warcraft.

    • In this case we create locations that include such as survival and resource gathering to various competition type locations allowing Player vs. NPCs, Player vs. Player battles and races, as well as options for the creation of teams as Team/Clans vs. Team/Clans.

    • We will also develop the Spectator feature so people can watch the battles and matches and in turn if they choose create a fan base just as one would be able to do with real life sports type events such as wrestling,m boxing, martial arts challenges, racing games, and so forth.

    • Other entertainment will include theaters to watch movies through the game environment.

    • Such games also include earning spendable virtual points as "game currency."

    • These may include such as upgrades to weapons, vehicles, character armor, and various player stats.

    • Other games will be along the concept of a virtual arcade as a nod to the arcades of the 70's,  80's and 90's which also were their own social venues in the real world.

    • What mini games we will be allowed to have will be contingent of who approves their titles being represented and those who create new and original ones along the same or similar themes but not as "knock off versions" of such titles. 

  3. The Economic Environment: Our goal is again more open. While in the virtual world  end users will be able to order the real world products and services of the various virtual products and services who have paid for their links by way of these virtual stores and commissioned 3D and 2D artists to create such content for them.

    • These virtual representations can be then used as well within the game world whether in the form of consumables or clothing or other such content with end users avatars. 

    • Examples are simple enough to envision. If its someone who creates real world clothing and accessories and commissions available artists to create those representations within the game environment, the end users can use them in the game world and in turn even order the real versions of such content to be delivered to them in the real world.

    • The only limitations are how many small, mid size to large businesses opt into this option which will also be contingent on how many regular active users are present and not just registered as memberships.

    • This falls loosely within the context of what is known as "adver-games" as well as virtual economies where real world transactions occur online between end users and various product and service providers and the content creators of their virtual representations.

    • This will allow us to expand our virtual city HUB over time as renovations and updates bringing more diversity to Sybirathia and more things to see and do for Sybirathians.

Again, while this sounds closer to the Metaverse concept, even with end users creating their own virtual locations or expansions to virtual worlds using Sybirathia as its Hub, its still not a true Metaverse. The question is what will the means by which one can enjoy and experience Sybirathia as options? Again this is clear and simple.  Our primary development centers around PC. This will then allow for expansions into Consoles and VR equipment. In these way no one is being "cut out" off the option of how they play and experience Sybirathia for themselves. 


Our goal is to keep what are none as micro-transactions minimal and specific. Many developers and companies have abused the concept of monetizing in such ways with extreme and outlandish costs. When done right they make sense. While many today also "complain" about any game having micro-transactions, they are blind to the fact of other ways in which they pay for games such as purchasing memberships, purchasing the programs and ignorant of the reality even early early cabinet games were monetized by plunking in quarters to buying consoles and the various game titles for those consoles. Furthermore, without such sales in one form or another there would be no games for them to play alone or with others unless they made the games themselves for themselves and then did nothing with them but play them for a while, scrap them and make others just to repeat the same process till it got so boring and unoriginal for them they would be right back to old board games, cards and dice that they again were either given or bought themselves. That being said, this is the plans for generating some of the revenue.



As challenges and earning game coins become harder and options for end user made content becomes stable as an option purchases with "Sybir Coins"  (Called SICs) will only apply for cosmetic items for avatars and home locations. We will also put a block on "asset flipping" in such locations so other content creators are not being denied earning SICs for the sales of their content in other creators shop lists. There will also be a cap on how much content creators can charge for various items So end users are not having to shell out something like $10,000 real USD in game currency for items that only exist digitally like hats and shoes or the like. There will be some flexibility on content made as exclusive customs on requests by other end users provided such items are in fact kept exclusive. 

 One time payment per three recharge options:

  1. $1 USD = 1000 coins

  2. $5 USD: = 2500 coins

  3. $10 USD = 6000 coins:


Monthly Auto Recharge:

  1. $10 USD = 2000 coins per week

  2. $15 USD: = 4000 coins per week

  3. $20 USD = 8000 coins per week:



Most make the false assumption AO content is always sex game type things. This isn't the case. In reality, most who find a game that have such passes only are interested in such mostly so they can just interact with other adults in normal game play and not have to worry some teen or minor os going o be bugging them all the time or begging for game funding help, or just being general pests getting in the way of enjoying a game.  

  1. Yes, content creators/designers will be allowed to create AO restricted content.

  2. No, one without an AOP will be able to see or use such content.

  3. Yes, some content may include animations of an explicitly sexual nature.

  4. No, an AOP holder cannot use such animations with non-AOP members.

  5. Yes, AOP will be restricted to AO locations that cannot be accessed by non AOP members.

  6. No, members cannot and are not allowed to purchase any sort of AOP or content for others.

  7. Yes, if someone forgets they are wearing AOP accessories/content upon leaving such locations those items deactivate. 

  8. No, end users in their own home locations cannot walk around in the nude without an AOP and location set to AO.

  9. Yes, anyone creating AO restricted content and not listing such as AO and entering non AO locations can get suspended and risk having their accounts locked down for up to 30 days, and repeat offenders banned from the game indefinitely.

  10. No, a plead of pardon on alleged ignorance of these rules which are covered in our policies is no pardon or release from responsibility for such actions.

The pricing structure along with a thorough set of age verification processes before one can pay for an AOP is broken down into a simple set of pass types that do not need some sort of "fancy" package name type.  You also will not be able to use game currency to "buy" such passes because of the age verification requirements that will be included before an order can be completed. This is both to protect minors from adult predators and adults from minor predators.

Four Simple Costs and Duration of Activity (subject to change based on the economy)

  1. 30 days: $15 USD (No auto renewal)

  2. 90 days: $25 USD (Auto renewal selected as an option)

  3. 120 Days: $35 USD (Auto renewal selected as an option)

  4. 360 Days: $50 USD (Auto renewal selected as an option)


The 30 day version allows one to renew on their own  and gives them 5 day space of time before the pass becomes inactive.  Once any pass becomes inactive they wont have access to their AO content.


  1. The remaining three can be selected to auto renew one day after the time has elapsed and allows a 5 day wait before the reactivation payment is withdrawn form the card/payment method on file.

  2. During this time they can also choose to cancel renewal.

  3. If the cancellation notice is delayed or received within 5 to 10 business days after a charge goes through the cancellation will act along the same lines as a refund and the processing time will be contingent upon their financial institution's processing time. 

  4. During the wait time their AOP stays active until the refund has been completed. 

  5. If there is any error in the process which we can verify (and can occur), as an apology and because their information has already been verified they are legally old enough to have and use such a pass and access such content, we will extend their AOP for another 30 days free of charge while they wait for their returned payment to be completed. This will only be a one time offer.

  6. However, if we find its an ongoing to repeated issue or claim by that account/card holder, we will flag them as potentially or attempting to commit fraud and suggest they delete the card used to make a payment and use a different one.

  7. If it is reported again by the same account holder with a different card all financial processing with their account will be suspended as we proceed to investigate the issue further for possible security and data leaks, hijacks, and any other clear signs of fraudulent activity by themselves or others.

  8. If no evidence exists whatsoever there is any actual issue we will consider the problem is local to their own computer and/or they are making fraudulent reports to get free things for which they are not entitled and move to remove their accounts and ban them from future access.  w

  9. This will be followed with a notice of the findings and actions being taken along with a statement filing false claims is liable for us to bring legal action against them and if they persist in such fraudulent activity we will proceed with filing claims against them to the fullest extent the law allows. 




  1. A business can pay (and negotiate) for reasonable compensation to have a commercial ad appear on one of our video/movie billboards in the city locations, pending space availability and location so their ads are not interfering with the environment or causing problems for end users to play the game itself.

  2. Naturally the duration, time, content, etc. will be negotiated. This does not mean any business can or will be regarded as able to just come along, bid for a space and have an ad on our site or in the game world.

  3. This is very as to why. Too many scams and too many other companies using "legal loopholes" to avoid bad products and services as their advertisers so they can make their base financial line.

  4. This lack of a company's personal integrity on what ads they will or refuse to run over their networks is regarded as another major loss in integrity all around that we wish to bring back into the narrative of this company, its business and our ultimate goal of reliable and quality services for our customer bases.

  5. So yes, we will reserve the right to reject any company we feel is in conflict with our policies to advertise with us regardless the financial negotiations or offers.




  1. A single person who creates a product or provides a service will be able to just as easily use our shop locations to connect with potential customers. 

  2. They will also be responsible for the products and services they provide and what reputation they create with their end consumers they access through our service provisions like anyone else.

  3. For example, if say an individual can make a physical item like hand made crafts that they have a 3D virtual representation in the game environment that represents their product that someone would like a real version of it, the consumer can send them an order and the artisan in question will need to be sure they can fill the order as offered.

  4. We don't need to take any more payments because said artisan already paid for their space for the ad and we wont be doing anything than providing a service to allow payment processing to occur so that covers out costs.

  5. Again, no need for us to gauge anyone.


  • We will not allow pop up ads that randomly occur in the game or on the website. 

  • We will not allow links to other sites/games such as ON Google Play Store OR NY OTHER SOURCE that include such offers as "Watch this and get this."

  • We will not allow ads or links that claim  or imply to "pay" real currency  to players for playing their games and providing their personal bank/card, or other such scams or threats to our end users.

  • We will not allow clear and obvious ads of clear scam items being rolled through ad windows such as those that show real animals while trying to claim they are really animation items, or whatever other such nonsense is rolled.

  • We will not allow political or ideological ads of any kind.


  1. Not every business needs the same ad time or amount of ad space so that is why costs are negotiated based on validity, necessity and the intention of the ads in the first place.

  2. As such what one company needs wont be what another does so their costs will not be the same.  Again its that simple.


NOTE: These basic revenue generation options have 4 main important ingredients.

  1. End users know what they are paying for.

  2. Companies know our expectations.

  3. Developers have a clear structure to work with.

  4. Our company will not be dictated or distorted by investors  trying to also gain control over company plans and goals.

After all overhead is paid such as utilities, servers, staff, and so forth, and all to keep the game online and expandable over time, what remains will go into advertising options to keep the name recognizable and in the public eye.  This is the commercial advertising side of things for any business seeking to build, create and maintain name recognition. We will also be very selective with whom and through whom such advertising is distributed through so as to maintain proper and accurate representation and what time slots make sense, and what networks we will utilize that are cost effective for this company and its own products/services.


Sybirathians will consists of a broad range of personalities, ages and interests which does and will include various categories of businesses, students, educators, entertainers, players,  artists, etc. Hence, its business model should accommodate these broad spectrum of users while making sure everything is User Friendly, Intuitive and simple to access and use. This is often called the UI/UX aspect of design.


Unfortunately far too many really tank their games by the failures of UI design and lack of UX considerations. UI being the user Interface and its graphic content, and UX being the End user Experience trying to use the UI. Such problems include but not limited to:


  1. Too many and hard to read Fonts,

  2. Poorly done 2D icons and too much distracting elements,

  3. Overloaded with too many areas taking up screen real estate,

  4. Too many tabs  taking the user back to the same to location which is also overloading of a UI,

  5. Overly complicated when integrated with features with the player's character and its adaptations/modifications,

  6. Too many notices or op ups interrupting game play,

  7. Hard to navigate content bringing up menu options the end user did not intend to select due to lack of clarity of representation, 

  8. Too many "promos" overloading the UI and giving the sense of being pressured to buy something,

  9. Constant "watch this and get this ads" and most of which end up being scams or misleading ads and ruins game play.

This is just some of the major issues many UI designs and their features (and becoming its own annoying trend) that not only bores the end user, but causes the overall UX (user Experience) to become a headache and unpleasant to deal with.  Ultimately, you can have an amazing game with great mechanics and everything else, but a bad UI will tank it as surely as poor mechanics with a great UI and content.

Because of this awareness...


  1. Our UI is designed intentionally to be as self explanatory as possible with little to no instructions on how to use it and what does what.

  2. It is designed to avoid taking up a lot of Screen Real Estate and we keep the text/fonts down to no more than two to three to keep it from becoming messy, congested and convoluted. 

  3. The UI is also designed to adapt to the type of scene/display needed corresponding to the intended functions and selection options automatically.

  4. This simplicity and ease of usage is precisely what UX should be that brings back the very essence of the meaning of end user friendliness.

  5. Over time our goal will be to further refine the UI features as the game develops over time without sacrificing the clarity and principle design in the process wherein we eliminate issues before they become issues. 


There is no need to sugar coat this one. Pay to Win games are terrible for new and existing users regardless the source or title. However, what many will claim to be pay to win are not pay to win games and usually just someone complaining because they simply are not that good at playing the particular game in question. 


Pay to Win is not based in giving end users benefits that helps improve their options in a game. Pay to Win games are those that give them options other users cannot earn without paying for them first, or designed intentionally to deceive and rip off users as money grabs creating the illusion of benefit. To clarify, the following outlines such designs we will not accept as Game Dev NO NOs. 


  1. Unfair advantage and over priced. In short the only ones that can gain advantages are those with deep pockets and allows them to suppress and prevent other players from being able to progress or fight back. 

  2. Such Pay to Win models allow such Wallet Warriors as the term goes are able to constantly attack, raid and loot new players keeping them from achieving any level increases or benefits.

  3. It new players out from being able to participate in various in game events to receive any benefits because those who paid for all the perks by continually attacking them when they are online or off so any real efforts put in to develop the end user's character or location and resource gathering is zeroed out.

  4. This also tends to result in those called Campers who position themselves at advantage points and block everyone else from gaining any game benefits by constantly killing them while campers hoard everything they don't even need.

  5. Another type is done unintentionally but has similar results is where people can either pay for perks or earn them where paying for perks is a short cut to earning such and results in the previous situations. 

  6. Then there are the cheats and scam types. This is where its presented you are facing off with another player at the same level and stats but they can wipe out the end user and react faster than the player and designed to make them loose on purpose when they reach various achievement stages.

  7. The purpose of such cheat bots is to trick end users into buying various upgrades and packs constantly only for the program to once again toss in a fake player as an NPC with unfair advantages the end user cannot beat till they buy yet another and another and another this thing or that. It may as well be called Digital robbery. 

What is not a Pay to Win designs are as follows:


  1. Buying game currency to purchase virtual goods offered or that can be found and used by anyone based on their stats or rank levels. Mostly these are cosmetic. However, some will claim because such as clothing makes it hard for them to see a challenger in such as a fighting game that does not give any stat boosts is a pay to win trick when its not.

  2. It is also not a Pay to Win game when someone pays for a specific type pf pass that allows them to access content not appropriate for others or those without such passes and use such content in such areas where such content is restricted to and cannot be used elsewhere in the game. 

  3. It is also not a pay to win design when those who achieve certain levels are the only ones who can enter more difficult locations new players cannot or would be destroyed in.

As such our goal is to eliminate these  issues on both sides of the coin as it were. How is simple enough. 

  1. Any items that can give stat boosts will not be sold items or content as packages or expansions.

  2. All players will be able to try and earn those items and perks based on their abilities and because they cannot be bought or sold, it will be possible for others, depending the zone in question, to be able to trade, gift or loot that content from others if defeated.

  3. This will extend to seasonal events and various "periodic Easter Eggs" within the game that anyone can have the opportunity to find.

  4. Restricted content meant for restricted areas requiring such as an AOP can only be used in AOP locations and cannot be used with, for or against others without such paid for subscriptions.

  5. Any cosmetic content that does give advantages such as camouflage, that makes seeing and detecting another player will still be counted as cosmetic because it does not give stat perks such as defense, increased health, or faster recovery time, especially when such is user made content.

  6. Anyone offering hacks, cracks or other forms of side stepping restricted content to restricted zones and passes or using such as cheats and "breaking"  the protocols for restricted content will be banned, and pending the degree of violations of our policies, terms and EULA will be subject to legal action taken against them.



As with normal text chat, Voice chat will be an included feature.

  1. If someone does not like what they are hearing from others, they can block them just as they can with text chat so they will not see or hear whatever nonsense or profanity or discussions they find offensive is being spoken or written.

  2. This will also allow for private chat and private voice chat so those who wish to engage in communications inappropriate for a public chat setting will have this option.

  3. It is the responsibility of the end users to monitor their own behavior and not try and dictate that of others or try and police everything. If they are found to be constantly complaining by everyone it may be perceived they are the hostile influence and will be reprimanded accordingly but fairly. 

  4. The only time we will reprimand others is if such discussions or communications clearly violate our policies and end users are expected to not engage with such but instead block and report them and allow out available moderators and admin to handle the incident such as in perceived racial slurs or other serious threats we will not tolerate.


We will stand by the principle and concept of Freedom of Speech and Expression. There are limits to this, however. While not everyone will "like everything" being written in text or spoken through the voice features, it is up to them to be mature enough to use the block and ignore functions.


Do Note:


If such are not clear violations of our policies, terms and EULA, those who are easily offended can either use the block and ignore features provided for them for that reason or go somewhere else and keep their politics to themselves. It's that simple and we will stand by this position on such matters. If they do not like certain other players, they can always challenge them to battles in the various areas that allows for it and get over it.  Otherwise they need to chill out and enjoy the game or go to a different game site that is more 'suitable to their opinions and tastes."


Our Sybir Coins will not be remotely like all those crypto-digital currencies today that are draconian in nature and use questionable elements in their digital/programmed design and functions. Nor will we accept at any time these crypto currencies as valid payments. After very careful examination of how such are created, valued and distributed, the cons, even for the so called most reliable forms or "brands"significantly outweigh the pros.

Perhaps at some point in the future we will create Sybir Coins to become viable and value backed digital credits but we will not embrace those currently available and the innumerable "new ones" popping up all the time. However, that is too far down the road and would only be a needless distraction from the primary areas of focus in what we are developing.

Furthermore, there is presently too high of a risk for inclusion so such on the part of possible future  in-world banks to create the problem of breach of trust. Some sites that have has such banks default on their promises as a result of offering high interest rates of between 20 to 60 percent per annum. And the old saying goes, if they have done this before and know they can get away with it, they will do it again. So we prefer to avoid such issues altogether.


It's actually not a question that occurs very often, so its not too common developers or the overall companies can actually answer that. So without all the hype we can specify this in a few basic and direct factors that are seldom a focus or topic of consideration.

  1. The most recent pandemics have shown that when necessary isolation in order to try and curb the spread of serious illnesses are implemented, and despite much of the hostilities in the real world, a virtual world or space provides a social outlet people need because aside from all the negatives people are by nature social creatures.

  2. Without social interaction people suffer more issues that adversely effects their health, in many cases, in more ways than any virus. While a virus can attack and harm the body, the social isolation effects the emotional and mental health of people of all age groups.

  3. Those who have become physically disabled either because of an accident or degenerative disorder or sets of disorders and therefore house bound and not able to get around as much still need some sort of way of connecting with others outside of their house bound bubble. Virtual worlds and spaces not only provide that, but also give them  form of escape at least for a time, from those mental and emotional restrictions and limitations. 

  4. There are also the economic factors. A virtual world that allows people to access such from their PCs and various devices including but not limited to Mobile and VR gear and having flexibility in accessibility also means more can enjoy such within their means and not feel as though they can't enjoy anything because they are poor or on fixed incomes.

  5. Having the option to create specialized locations for specific subjects and interests for end users at no additional costs also means more can participate in shaping such locations.

  6. This also means to help keep these interconnected locations online and alive 24/7 and accessible regardless where one lives gives more people a chance to meet one another from all over the world to learn from and potentially come to appreciate rather than resent the distinctions and diversity of human cultures.

Then there is the mutual learning aspect

  1. People teach one another how to speak and express themselves properly in their own native or first languages because they like the persons they have met that they would not have met by any other means. 

  2. They can teach one another about their customs, traditions and cultures and find the strength of their similarity and enjoy, rather than see the differences as problematic which naturally expands one's mind even subconsciously to take these differences into consideration mutually and appreciate them even more for them. 

  3. While there will always be those around as hostile elements whose whole existence is nothing but an empty and spiritually dead existence, the majority of people are essentially good people in their hearts and virtual worlds also provide a safer way by which to experience other cultures than if they were present in the real world.

  4. People also love to share their diverse creativity with others which in turn also helps open and build new connections and fosters new  and long friendships and even long relationships as well as reinforcing previous established ones if they end up migrating from one location to another.

  5. Its certainly never going to be an all encompassing Utopian pipe dream or a total and all encompassing Dystopian nightmare. Yet, by having such opportunities to meet, connect with and interact with others in such a way even greater diversity and new, better ideas can develop that would have otherwise never come into existence anywhere else.

We are fully ware of this which is once more the basis of our Motto: We make the Game. You Make the Community. Even a handful of friends of two or three in number is still a community and that is just as important as communities composed of 10, 50 or thousands of people.  So the ultimate benefit is we are opening another door for people to connect with one another. And that is really cool in and of itself.

There are pros and cons to everything


  1. While most interactions within game environments are positive, there are always bad apples in the bunch.  We also have clear policies on how to deal with such Bad Apples.

  2. However, the claims that virtual worlds effect behaviors and mental states ion real world interactions is largely fiction. That is simply a fact.

  3. For example, games with war and combat based themes were claimed to make people, especially kids, more prone to acting out the violence in games in the real world.

  4. Instead its found to be a blatant deceit and in fact those same real life initiators of "violence" already had violent tendencies before ever having used such games.

  5. Its along the same nonsense as claiming music makes people do good or bad things instead of the reality that people who want to do bad things will listen to such music as an excuse or scapegoat for their bad or violent behaviors. Its like claiming "the Devil made me do it or God told me to do it" as a defense. It's nonsense. 

As for interests in social based virtual environments the world over, there are historical and established common trends that so called Social Psychologists in their rhetoric tend to fail to comprehend.

41-60% attend or attended survival game and battle royal type events.

40-53% attend or participate in puzzle type challenges.

36-40% simply hang out to meet people or connect with established friends.

30-34% attend events in virtual clubs and bars.

29-32% participated in hunting, fishing and resource gathering type events.

27-31% attended movie in world watch party events.

17-20% participate in some form of scene/environment creation.

16-19% attend learning classes.

12-14% attend cultural events involving music, museums, poetry, etc.

10-13% attend gambling style events.

4-6% attend Sporting events.

3-5% engage in some sort of sexual interaction or events (strip clubs, brothels, etc.

3-4% participate in content creation events and challenges.

2-3% participate or participated in some sort of in-world, online protests.

2-3% attend some form of religious events (churches, temples, ceremonies).

1-2% attend community outreach and initiative events.

Less than 1% openly and actively sought to threaten, attack and assault other members.

These approximations that very slightly over the course of a year and within all sorts of game world environments tend to reflect many of their real world activities  often before ever trying out such as virtual worlds. The percentages also increase in all areas during the holidays but also had a significant climb during the Pandemics. These stats are taken from those investigated and reported with online active members in excess of 500,000 over the course of 10 years. All at some point made some sort of purchases in-world for game content or bought user made content for their avatar customizing and virtual home space locations.  Such stats help us also with focus in areas of first development and expansions.


The issue of content theft is a  menace on businesses. This is an unfortunate reality that contrary to what some will claim, is not a specific issue just to online businesses. Its a reality everywhere. Some countries take these concerns seriously. Others don't. Some have measures for taking action against such content theft, and others actually promote it. Some will call such things a form of piracy and others will call it "fair share and fair trade."


  1. The fact is if someone can see it, someone can also copy it, or recreate whatever it is. Since Sybirathia will enable user content creation and submission (virtual assets), this issue has to be recognized. We have, as such included details as to how we deal with copyright, trademark, and intellectual property issues in our policies, which also include our terms and EULA. 

  2. Fortunately its easier in some aspects to prevent content being cloned, ripped and stolen from the game itself, but as stated noting is 100%.  We can make reasonable efforts to allow content creators to sell a virtual chair through one of the stores and disable it from being cloned as a measure of protection from another person buying the chair and populating their virtual house or property with a single chair and placing it for sale in their own "scene/zone location" as part of a custom created property. It does not prevent another artist, however, from using a 3D modeling program, snap different perspectives of said object and recreating their own version of the design and distribute it on some other site or network.

  3. Its no different than someone making a hand drawn original or digital image of a character that a skilled 3D modeler can also then use as a guide and template to produce a character model. The only thing that can be done is use the original and proof that the cloned or copied concept or design was essentially used without permission ans seek legal action against such violators, but the original source artist has to be the one to pursue the legal action if the violators are in a country that honors such as international trade violations.

  4. In reverse we do strictly forbid content creators from creating and submitting any such assets to be used or represented by well known and recognized name brands or their characters  or products without express permission from the owners of said rights. For example, end users cannot create content owned and distributed through such as Disney, Universal, or Pixar. Nor can they submit such content from such name brands as Domino's Pizza, Mc Donald's. or Coke.

  5. Nor can they submit content from anything used in other game titles from other companies, even as "fan art." Even if such  companies offer sponsorships to us and we have such permission granted to our company for such things this is not an automatic grant to end users to create said content unless they have been commissioned to do so by those companies themselves and we have clear written documentation of such approvals. This also extends to so called "spoof and parody products." This, of course, does not apply to fictional businesses and products created by end users. because they are distinct enough as to make no direct or clear reference to real world businesses. 


Based on the various assessments that can contribute to the success or decline of Sybirathia with respect to the potential sources of commercial and social potentials and feasibility, it is pertinent that suggestions be made to improve its business model and overall scope of planned activities. Suggestions are also highly important from those who will be end users of the product(s) and Service(s) provided through the game as options and opportunities. Also we recognize that regardless what advertising is paid for and regardless how positive a spin such can instill in the general public mind, word of mouth is still the most important of all forms of advertisement be they positive or negative.


We have herein highlighted some of the potential sources of commercial and social opportunities as well as risks for Sybirathia (the game) and Sybirathia, LLC. (the company).  This includes influences from uncontrollable factors, such as but not limited to, real world economic impacts,. which also directly effects end user participation, investments and marketability.




As a conclusion, it is also why we need to make sure every dollar spent on this project  both commercially and socially are kept at the barest minimal and any surplus of funds cycled directly back into further development of aspects of the business and the game as a whole. Thus, every dollar has to count and with a realistic and reasonable return for said investments without cutting any corners to also insure the products and services are of the best quality available when such is available. 

Overall, everything is feasible, reasonable and viable, expandable as well as sustainable.