• Sybirathia LLC, (USA)

  • In collaboration with Old Norse Game Studios (AUS)

Founder of Sybirathia LLC company:

  • Raymond S. F. Foster:

Founding date:

  • March 1, 2021


Industry Codes from Duns & Bradstreet:


  • SIC Code: 7372

  • NAICS Code: 511210

Updated by Sybirathia LLC 07/04/2021


  • Sybirathia the game will be free to play and will also include passes for restricted content.

  • It will be designed for Windows, MAC and Linux based computers.

  • It will be designed for several consuls as an option but too early to tell which consuls (Xbox/PlayStation/etc.) will carry the game if at all.



Sybirathia's 3D World (S3DW) is intended to be a 3D virtual environment that will encourage social networking and opportunities for end users (gamers) to meet others, make new friends, and have a place to connect with established ones via their virtual personas (avatars). 


  1. When the end user starts the game they will come to the central hub called First Landing.

  2. Through First Landing, the end user will be able to access an assortment of interconnected locations (scenes/zones) with their own features such an assortment of mini-games, various challenges, and social venues such as virtual clubs.

  3. We will not limit an end user (player) to have to be a paid creator of content.

  4. If someone has the skill, the interest and the time to make things for the game they can at no added costs.

  5. All content made in this manner will be purely cosmetic (such as avatar customizing like clothing, animations, etc), to other content such as decorating up a free home location that can also be converted at any time into another social gathering of their choice.

  6. Any additional locations will be able to be purchase or sold through a shop/real estate location as user made content. Our goal will be to have some sort of preview and try before you buy so end users wont be stuff with inventory that may not quite be what they thought it was, but also allows a designer to also try on before publishing to insure the quality of their submitted content.

  7. All members will have full basic feature access from the start such as chat options (public, private and clan/invite) as well as ability to block/unblock unwanted conversations of their own will.

  8. Plenty of mini games and challenges will be added over time to overall game play as this project develops so the game is not all dress up, and have areas for real earning and real in game sports and combat options along with other venues.

  9. Volunteer developers are welcomed to help with this process of creation and suggestions are always welcome. Even various 2D and other digital art can be among volunteer content submissions.


By not being restricted with this type of game design to a particular story line or graphic novel style game, it becomes a truly non-linear with a wide range of options for end users as they are developed piece by piece and various environments are also created step by step and tested for their mechanics and functionality.




  1. PVP (Player vs. Player challenges).

  2. P2P: (Player to Player). While this is more an interactive feature between players as friends its still a form of Game Play. It will range form as simple as handshakes and relationship type gestures to even allow Friends to box or wrestle each other if they want. it will all come down to what is available over time as things develop piece by piece and is itself a bridge of the social interaction and the PvP options. 

  3. TvT (Team vs. Team challenges). This is self explanatory. A team of friends form to beat other teams to win challenges. As to the kinds of such games, its limited only to contributions.  

  4. SSE (Special Seasonal Events to grab some promo item or reward that is only accessible by participation in an SSE and cannot be bought or purchased into or later. In short all have a chance to earn the same stuff, but it does not mean everyone will necessarily succeed in scoring said temp or rare content or one time promo type things).

  5. ASG (Assorted Solo Games). Many now just call these Casual Games. Even in a social game environment, many want to just have a few games they dont need anyone else available to play. Something like resource gathering or mini race game might be more their speed. We will be including these over time and if some would like to volunteer in making them, we welcome them.

  6. Co-Ops: Unlike a TvT, a Coop is literally you and maybe a couple friends choose to go after a challenge rather than try and compete against another team.

If all you want to do is login, hang out, chat with people, jump on a dance floor, look stupid and have fun while looking stupid on purpose, with the above plans, that is really going to be up to you. It's really the whole point of Sybirathia. A way to connect and stay connected with others and having just more options to do stuff and have fun without q bunch of hoops or nonsense.



THIS IS THE EASIEST PART. You play, participate and enjoy as you do things, discover things, create things, meet people, connect with people and just have fun doing the things here you find fun to do and if you want to give it a shot, volunteer with us to add more diverse things to do you think others might like.


Yes and its been a concept from the very start. Yes you will get these gaming things over time all added. You will get a free place,  have all the social and gaming basics and all that. But this is where our plans turn up the heat.


  1. When such options are available our goal will be to include such as the ability to actually order food and drink from real world vendors through the in game menus for those vendors on list that serve your area if you want and can order in real time without having to leave the game at all.

  2. Maybe you want to be there to have a nice dinner and watch a movie with a loved one (friends, family) you simply cannot be there in the real world with for any number of reasons.

  3. We believe you should have such an option especially in a game with its core concept having a social connection factor.

  4. Old Norse Game Studios came up with inclusion of a theater Arcade. This works beautifully with this added concept.

  5. But also there is even more here. Any mom and pop or small valid business can use this option to reach customers, give our end users more and open up opportunities for so many that not only make sense, there is no need to gauge them to bring their products or services to our members as offers.

  6. And this itself, a feature we really hope to see working and working well we also hope to see prove to be a truly wonderful chance to keep more connected, while enjoying a game that is also a bridge across all the barriers we have now and what may yet come before they are ever an issue.

...truly then, we make the game, and you make the community!