Free 3D Humanoid Models
for Content Creators

Need some example models to work with to create humanoid characters? These have been made publicly available in downloadable fbx format and UV unwrapped. (Not rigged).

Created by Raymond Foster, the CEO of Sybirathia LLC™ as a base set of one male and one female. Depending on your  browser settings, you may need to simply verify to view  "restricted content" even though the models are not fully 'anatomically' accurate.


They are published to

Have some models to make available for others?

As long as you are the original source of the models and can save them for accessibility to, let us know and we will review them for consideration. Why consider making such models available? It will be a good to show off your creativity and give other content creators some basic models to work with when they want to create content for those characters.


  1. If they pass the topology examination and created to be under 50,000 vertices as characters, they should pass just fine.

  2. Once they have been passed for review and have been made free to use at the point of publication, we will manually add them here. 

  3. If they do have rigging, make sure they share the rigging name class as and its auto rigger system.

  4. If you use the auto rigging, expect to have to re-due the heat weighting so posing the models do not turn to garbage. (Happens all the time).

  5. Do not include animations in the display sample. If any animations are made available specifically for that model, place them in a separate folder.

  6. Do note, in such cases when characters have custom and specific animations, we will need to build a completely custom animator controller to set such properly for that specific model.

Remember, it is only an option. It is not mandatory, and we will not charge you or anyone else to have such models available or free to use.