As we have announced in the Forum, we no longer will be allowing automatic registration via Google or Facebook. We are extending this also to other third party sites/services due to increasing data security and privacy risks of end users of those services in order to protect those who join and participate with us in developing our product and services. 


As we continue to work on this development and creation of the 3D world environment, will also be deleting our group and business pages from these  and other services that continue to violate end user anonymity, impose excessive tech censorship and selective policy enforcement.

It is our view that:

Several services and social networks have demonstrated to be themselves at complete odds and in direct conflict with our policies, terms and EULA and as such we have began the task of removing our listings with them and discontinuing utilization of them for advertising and will be turning towards more reliable and traditional forms in the near future.

Notice to members:

We are currently urging our members to notify others in their various social networks of these rapid changes that are occurring daily. You may invite others to join as well if you or others have been subjected to various arbitrary bans, censorship or suspensions and may use our URL as a means of invitation.

We ask that you:
  1. Do not Spam others: This is sending repeated emails daily or weekly to the same parties. Keep it down to no more than 2 direct messages a month.
  2. Make sure upon joining to: Complete your profiles. You are not required to use your real personal image but do not use others either.  You are also allowed to not use your "real name" on your profile and can use an assumed character identity. This is your choice.
  3. Do not share your account information: This means do not share your emails, phone numbers or other vital information, nor your login/registration access to this site.
  4. Do report scams:  If someone has claimed to be a representative or employee and has asked for your personal information, report it immediately to the administrator. Do not share any information with them.
  5. If you lost your password or forgot your user name:  You can use out automated features to have the information sent to you so you can change your username and password.
  6. You can cancel membership at any time:  We do not more information from you if you choose to end your membership. You can cancel membership at any time. If you are having trouble deleting an account, contact the administrator and request a cancellation. No reason will be required but may be asked to verify information for it to be removed manually. 
If you have any other questions you can use the Contact Us form.
Thank you and stay safe and healthy.



Many have expressed an interest to potentially help with funding this project simply to help out for many reasons.  As such we have now included this option to use the Project Finding button here for that purpose.

Do note whatever you choose to offer we have left it so you can choose the amount without a set minimal. Every dollar provided through this button which is through PayPal will be used specifically for the development of the game and its servers.