Explore the central city HUB called First Landing. Discover various social venues, challenges and shops; and just perhaps a secret no one else has. New things will be added over time so never forget to take some time and have a look around.

We make the Game! You make the Community!

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Development is underway for our 3D Virtual World and Game called Sybirathia! It is pronounced sai·br-ay·thee·uh based on a phonetic re-spelling of the prefix 'cyber' and an old archaic form of 'athia' meaning space, location and area. Thus, it means Cyberspace!

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You asked for it! Now you are going to Get it!!

We are combining Traditional Game Play features with Non-linear Game Play Options into a core Social Gaming Hub and End User Made Expansions!


  1. Create your own custom virtual personas and modify your character/avatar with end user made content.

  2. Have 1 free virtual home location you can furnish, customize or replace with end user made homes and other environments.

  3. Meet and interact with other real people from all over the world through the central hub city location called First Landing.

  4. Explore the city to find a diverse range of entertainment features and options such as an arcade, night club, movie theater and a whole lot more!

  5. Share music, art and ideas, or try your hand at being a virtual DJ, do Stand Up Comedy, promote your band and hold a virtual concert!

  6. Create a private business meeting hall to interact with coworkers, build an online school as an educator and invite students to your virtual classrooms.

  7. Use your imagination and take advantage of what social network gaming can do for you as an individual, group and business within the world of Sybirathia!


  1. Seek out and explore several nonlinear environments to go on adventures and learn more about Sybirathia and its many secrets.

  2. Challenge others to 1 on 1 or Team based arena battles or watch the "fights" as a spectator and place your bets.

  3. Create a Fan Club to support your favorite fighters or teams and welcome others to join it and create fan art and virtual goods.

  4. Seek out a wide range of quests, puzzles and competitions, or if you are truly skilled and adventurous, create your own and invite others to try them out!

  5. Create your own story lines.

  6. Create your own role play venues.

  7. Create your own themes for those venues.

  8. Add new environments and new locations to be explored to further expand the world of Sybirathia as an ever expanding and diverse universe of concepts, creatures and whole new worlds.

  9. You choose what to do, where to go, and why to become a true legend in Sybirathia and its history as well as future worthy of memory.

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The Opportunities are Wide Open! Don't wait for the Opportunities to pass you by!

Be what you want to be. Free yourself and Express yourself and let your imagination run wild!

Sybirathia is your chance as a volunteer and community member to revolutionize everything!